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Tesco teams up with health and wellbeing retailer in stores across the UK

Tesco and Holland & Barrett have today announced an exciting new partnership to introduce a health and wellbeing ‘store in store’ format in a number of Tesco stores across the UK. The new partnership follows Tesco’s successful introduction of several Arcadia sites in its larger stores last year which showed that shoppers find it more […]

Financial services

Financial services sector needs new enforcer say MPs

Punishment of banks that break the rules may be better served by a new enforcer in the light of failures surrounding the HBOS collapse, MPs say. Supervision and prosecution of the industry lies with the same watchdog – now the Financial Conduct Authority. This system is “outdated and can be construed as unfair”, warned the […]


Natwest and RBS threatening to charge businesses for depositing their own money

Natwest and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) have warned businesses they may have to charge them to accept deposits due to low interest rates. The move, if enacted, would make them the first UK banks to introduce negative interest rates, in effect, charging to deposit money. “Global interest rates remain at very low levels… this […]


Phishing campaign steals Amazon customers’ login and payment details

Cyber security researchers have uncovered a new phishing campaign attempting to steal Amazon customers’ login details. The scheme, uncovered by experts from FireEye, involves realistic-looking fake Amazon pages that ask for their usernames, passwords, home addresses and payment card data. Primarily targeting customers in the US, Europe and Canada, the campaign was first spotted on […]

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Treasury Committee report calls for separate financial services enforcement body

Chancellor Philip Hammond should commission an independent review of financial services regulation with a view to setting up a separate enforcement body, a parliamentary report has recommended. The current system – under which the Financial Conduct Authority supervises, applies and prosecutes the law – is “outdated and can be construed as unfair”, warned the House […]

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Postal workers to be balloted on strike action over cuts and closures

Postal workers are to be balloted on strike action over job cuts, pension changes and post office closures, the Communication Workers Union says. It says about 3,500 of its members will be balloted on whether to launch industrial action. The ballot will be for staff in Crown offices, supply chain depots and administration sites across […]

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Amazon teams up with the UK government to explore future for drone deliveries

Amazon is partnering with the UK Government to explore the steps needed to make the delivery of parcels by small drones a reality, allowing Amazon to trial new methods of testing its delivery systems. A cross-Government team supported by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has provided Amazon with permissions to explore three key innovations: […]

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Half of customers say they would happily pay more for better customer service

The walls are closing in on businesses that continue to offer poor levels of customer service. In this age of social media and instant communication, companies that fail to keep their customers happy will quickly earn a potentially damaging reputation. A new study conducted by virtual assistant specialists ava has highlighted just how much consumers’ […]