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Mark Hilary

Your CEO should be managing the Customer Experience

I saw the results of a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit reported this week and it made some interesting reading for CEOs concerned about improving the customer experience of their organisation. The data is focused on the Australasian market, but with a sample of over 500 senior executives in several industry verticals, including banking, […]

Serving Millennials – Adapt or Die

For years marketing firms and consumer experts have talked about the oncoming rise of the millennials, the generation Y, the digital natives. This the generation that grew up with mobile phones and the Internet and is expected to behave completely differently to the customers from previous generations. Except, the millennials are already with us. This […]

Is It Time For The Chief Customer Officer?

An interesting research report released this month in the USA shows that in the American labour force, millennials are now in the majority. More specifically this means that most American employees are now in the 18-34 age range. I think it is interesting to finally see this happen. It is one of those statistics that […]

Mark Hilary

Is your company customer-centric?

Is your company customer-centric? Are you even aware of what this might mean for your organisation – how much change might be required? Let’s move on from the corporate buzzwords and jargon first. Companies in every industry you can think of are being forced to become customer-centric because the way that customers communicate and behave […]

Did British Politicians Forget About The Customer Experience?

The UK General Election is over days before every polling company, pundit, and political journalist expected it to be. The polls all said that it was too close to call, which would have triggered days or weeks of negotiations over how to form a new government. Instead, David Cameron’s Conservative party has won a clear […]

The customer experience must match the expectation of your customer

Any customer service manager has known for years that the quality of customer feedback often depends on what the customer expected when they got in touch. For example, if your shiny new PC crashes after a few days and minutes after calling the helpline you have it back up and running then factors such as […]


Technology has redefined how we all communicate – including customers! When was the last time you interacted with a customer service team – on any channel – and came away from the experience feeling really good? Of course it happens, but in most surveys there are only a minority of customers who claim to be […]