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Beyond Banking: The Rise of Social Finance

Steve Bell, VP Solutions Consulting, EMEA, Verint The banking industry has had a major face-lift over the past decade. What once was a sector reliant on face-to-face and telephone interactions, is now being driven by digital platforms. As a result, branches are closing up and down the country. Furthermore, digitally driven banks such as Monzo […]

Can data consent be used to re-establish trust of organisations?

Data, and the use thereof, is growing exponentially as the sheer amount of data available increases. It has become even more valuable a commodity to businesses and their marketeers forging better relationships, based on trust, in this new data-driven economy; building more detailed customer profiling, and setting highly targeted and relevant campaigns. However, consumers are […]

Personal And Proactive: The Reality of Today’s Contact Centre World

VoiceSage’s John Duffy shares some fascinating details of an important industry-wide probe into what’s happening in terms of current customer contact centre outreach Ever conscious of the need to be as competitive, relevant and visible as they can in a super-connected world, brands are being much more personal in terms of their outreach. That’s great […]

Amazon Navigates Toward its own Cloud Contact Center

Digital commerce giant Amazon rattled quite a few cages in the contact center industry recently when a report by Kevin McLaughlin in the techie insider newsletter “The Information,” set mid-March as the launch date for a cloud-based contact center platform. This initiated a ripple effect in technology publications, including this piece by Andrew Dalton in […]

Digital Disruption Will Impact On CX in 2017

I have often written how digital disruption has completely changed the way that customers engage with brands. The customer journey used to be defined and controlled by companies, yet the mobile Internet and social networking platforms have now handed control to the customers to determine how and when they seek information or try engaging with […]

Hospitality and the CX challenge

By Mat Bray, Sector Manager for Hospitality and Travel at Rant & Rave One of the biggest challenges for hospitality and leisure brands is that customers expect more than ever before, and the solution will need to be tailored to each organisation. Brands must listen to their customers to find out where they’re slipping up […]

The opportunity for brands as the Me2B economy takes centre stage

As we move into a new year, brands have an opportunity to place their customer relationships on a powerful new footing. The new digital age presents a window to get to know customers better than ever before.  Every click is a reflection of an identity, a behaviour, a passion and a thought process. Information sharing […]

Contact Centres Rediscover Their Mojo

What a difference a year makes! This industry gathering otherwise known as ‘Future of Contact Centres’ felt like a completely different event from the one I chaired just 12 months ago. For a start there were two chairs and twice the speakers. The event’s strap line that the Contact Centre is the ‘beating heart of […]

You Cannot Afford to Stay Silent on the New Ofcom Rules

Author: Danny Singer, CEO and Founder of Noetica On 1st March 2017 new Ofcom rules come in to effect regarding the ‘Persistent misuse of an electronic communications network or service’, in an unprecedented clampdown on the five billion ‘nuisance calls’ the regulator estimates that consumers in the UK receive each year. Put simply, it could […]


Ian McVey, UK Director, Qualtrics Customer experience (CX) is all about feedback, so we make it our mission to talk to our customers and understand their outcomes when using our software. Every day we see the unexpected business benefits that spring from customer connectivity.  But we also see why some CX programmes fail. When a […]