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5 things marketers need to know about Chatbots

Conversations around Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are becoming increasingly common within the marketing space. It’s unsurprising as these technologies are on track to fundamentally change customer service by 2020, with marketers looking to AI as a potential way to improve their customer service offering. In a recent study conducted by Oracle Marketing Cloud, 80 […]

Putting the soul back into CX

By Kenny Bain, CEO of Rant & Rave When I interviewed for the CEO role at Rant & Rave, the culture stood out as being what separated this company from its competitors – customer success isn’t just our objective, it is our obsession. For Rant and Rave, culture is as important as attitude and experience, […]

The future of CX – 2017 and beyond

By Leonie Brown, Customer Experience Strategist Customer experience (CX) has become the key differentiator for today’s brands. Companies are striving to become leaders in this space, not only for the bragging rights in such a competitive market, but, critically, because they understand the intrinsic value of superior CX in growing their customer base, increasing brand […]

Chatbots powered by AI will define the next generation of customer experience

Debbie Nolan, Commercial Director at Arvato Financial Solutions UK & Ireland Chatbots are delivering significant changes to the customer service ecosystem and their uptake among businesses is gathering pace. A recent study by global tech business, Oracle found that 80 per cent of brands expect to use them to interact with customers by 2020, which […]

Evolving from Multichannel to Omnichannel: Cutting through the Jargon

In all industries across both B2B and the consumer market, customer experience (CX) is now considered the gateway to brand loyalty and business growth. Organisations that master a fully connected customer journey that tells the same story from start to finish will have the competitive edge. With this in mind it is surprising to see […]

Are you making yourself a victim of phone fraud?

Study finds 61% of consumers admit sharing answers to security questions on social media profiles London, UK, June 2017: Consumers are falling prey to the growing risk of phone fraud. A new study warns that criminals can use information found on social media profiles to answer weak security questions, posed by banks, to gain access […]

Are you keeping up with your customers?

BY: Thomas Rosenberg, business design expert, PA Consulting Group Twenty years after Joseph Pine and James Gilmore published their famed article ‘Welcome to the Experience Economy’ companies are still providing mediocre customer experience. Is this because companies are disinterested in serving their customers in the best possible way? In my experience, most business leaders and […]

In conversation with… Confirmit CEO Ken Ostreng

1. First off Ken tell us about your background and how you came to take over the role of Chief Executive Officer at Confirmit on April 1 this year? Having spent over a decade as CFO at Confirmit, some would say it was a natural succession for me to become CEO when Henning announced he […]

The digital battle cry – are the legacy banks listening?

By Alex Klose, Head of Marketing of cloud communications software and solutions provider IMImobile Digital technology is disrupting nearly every industry, and banking – now in the crosshairs of the new kids on the virtual block – will be no exception. Consumers already have the computing power in their pockets to do most of their banking – […]