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Why a customer centric culture is the best way to win back trust

The Financial Services industry is still struggling to win back customer trust as scandal after scandal haunts the sector.  And Engage Business Media’s Customer Engagement in Financial Services Directors Forum identified culture as the key to winning back trust from increasingly sceptical and savvy customers. The Forum was hailed as a fantastic success by both […]

Lessons we can all learn from the chief executive of Ryanair

Over the years I have been one of the most vociferous and consistent of all in my criticisms of Ryanair and their unashamedly shoddy treatment of customers. I refused to fly with Ryanair for several years as my personal protest. It’s crystal clear that as time went by I was not alone. Back in 2013 […]

Driving integrated employee and customer engagement from the top

The importance of senior sponsorship Having worked in employee and customer engagement for over 20 years, there’s one rule that works across every company, every industry and every geography:  without sponsorship from senior leaders, these issues will never take hold as a recognised driver of business performance. This sponsorship and support matters for a couple […]

Ex Machina and it’s relevance to customer and employee engagement

In my last post I somewhat labored some film analogies that I drew from the various presentations at the Employee Engagement Summit which I had the privilege of chairing. But I want to extend this by just one film that I think has relevance to how we might think about customer, and indeed employee, engagement […]

Mark Hilary

Is your company customer-centric?

Is your company customer-centric? Are you even aware of what this might mean for your organisation – how much change might be required? Let’s move on from the corporate buzzwords and jargon first. Companies in every industry you can think of are being forced to become customer-centric because the way that customers communicate and behave […]

Did British Politicians Forget About The Customer Experience?

The UK General Election is over days before every polling company, pundit, and political journalist expected it to be. The polls all said that it was too close to call, which would have triggered days or weeks of negotiations over how to form a new government. Instead, David Cameron’s Conservative party has won a clear […]

Surprising Skills for Leadership in the Digital Age

What is going on with work at the moment? We can work wherever we want and yet commute times are going up year on year as we play sardines on trains and sit in jams on motorways.  We often spend longer and longer working (because we can) but get less done in the process. We […]

The customer experience must match the expectation of your customer

Any customer service manager has known for years that the quality of customer feedback often depends on what the customer expected when they got in touch. For example, if your shiny new PC crashes after a few days and minutes after calling the helpline you have it back up and running then factors such as […]


Ode to engagement It used to be simple, Then it got complicated. Now it’s personal but Tomorrow that’s just not good enough! These four lines sum up the past, present and future challenges facing companies seeking to engage with current and potential customers. Let me explain. It used to be simple: remember when customers had […]

Customer experience at a cross-roads

One project that I really enjoy running annually is Ovum’s CRM Outsourcing Business Trends Survey, which sounds out 200 enterprise contact center managers in Western Europe, North America and Australia.  And, once the fieldwork starts, I relish getting back the data in order to see what has changed over the course of the previous twelve […]