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Five tips for retailers who think they know their customers

By Steve Thomas, CTO Omnico Group If UK retailers thought they knew their customers – they were probably wrong. The first Omnico Retail Gap Barometer revealed a shocking finding – 96 per cent of UK consumers don’t believe retailers know what they want. The barometer is a quarterly survey of 1200 consumers that establishes a […]

Why Don’t Retailers Understand The In-Store CX?

A recent feature in Forbes talks about ways in which retailers can change the in-store customer experience (CX) – accepting that customer expectations about service have changed. I felt this personally last night when I was caught out in the rain with no umbrella. I got soaked and so, as soon as I could, I […]

The ‘Stormy Waters’ of Customer Engagement

I have been researching the psychology of customer and consumer behaviour for years. Yet, partnering with customer engagement specialists Affinion on their latest project, I did not appreciate the challenges I would encounter in mapping the customer engagement journey.  Affinion was keen to explore the psychological journey that consumers go on when building relationships with […]

How Many Marketing Directors Will Be Fired in 2017?

Forrester Research recently released a report highlighting 15 business dynamics that will change how companies operate in 2017 – what they are calling the “age of the customer.” You can click here to read the Forrester research, but I want to highlight one dynamic they mention in particular. It’s going to be a tough time […]

2017 customer experience predictions

2016 is almost over and businesses are now focusing on their new year customer experience strategies. Rant & Rave Founder, Nigel Shanahan, shares his thoughts on the year ahead… The moments that matter When customers have an experience with a brand, whether it’s good or bad, they’ll talk about it – but will they talk […]

Introducing the Gig Nation

Ian McVey, UK Director, Qualtrics Earlier this month, Engage Business Media and Qualtrics joined forces to survey 3000 customers across Europe. Our objective was to achieve a better understanding of shifting consumer attitudes and the rapidly changing European CX environment. CX professionals’ task is to represent the voice of the customer at the highest levels […]

Building a leading floor care brand – the importance of customer service

Nick Grey, Founder and CEO, Grey Technology (Gtech) Delivering really good customer service is important to me, I couldn’t consider Gtech to be a success if we didn’t have happy customers. It is customers recommending us to others and coming back to buy more Gtech products that drives our growth. That’s why we spend a […]

Cognitive technology will drive a customer experience revolution

Debbie Nolan, Business Development Director of CRM Solutions, UK & Ireland, Arvato When digitally-savvy consumers contact a brand for customer service, they expect a consistent, seamless customer journey across a broad range of contact channels, and to have their queries resolved in a fast, personalised way. Research suggests that many businesses are struggling to keep […]

Are you being served? Ensuring customer engagement at all times with robotics

When it comes to retail, just having the right product is not enough. Consumers expect a certain quality of experience from the brands they shop with and aren’t afraid to take their custom elsewhere if those expectations aren’t met. With the high street more competitive than ever, and increasingly under threat from eCommerce only players, […]

Mark Hilary

B2B: How Companies Socially Sell To Each Other

When people ask me what I do, I say that I’m a writer. They usually ask what kind of novels I write, but then I have to explain that there are many kinds of writer. I have written 15 non-fiction books and I’m working on two new ones at present, and I continue to contribute […]