Customer Contact (incl BPO)

UK banks ramp up double-dip recession loyalty efforts

The survey of more than 1,000 British consumers found that 74% have seen firms "wake up to the need to give their customers better, more individual service, attention and offers" as businesses and their clientele have continued to face tough economic conditions in recent years. The research from retail loyalty specialist GI Insight also showed […]

UK TalkTalk call centre set to close

A number of TalkTalk workers from Preston are either losing their jobs or having their contracts transferred to the outsourcing company Careline Services, also based in Preston. At the end of April, Careline, which also provides call centres for consumer goods conglomerate Unilever and the London Olympics, took on 60 TalkTalk staff after winning the […]

Banks have ‘until the summer to start treating customers better’ or else!

Martin Wheatley, managing director of the Financial Services Authority (FSA), said banks were still not "fully engaged" in providing top quality core services and were making it harder to restore public trust after being bailed out by taxpayers. "We wrote to all banks in January to encourage a more proactive approach," Wheatley said. He added […]

HP getting on the social customer bandwagon

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks have changed consumer behaviour while adding a layer of complexity to the company-customer relationship. Traditional CRM programs and architectures, designed prior to the emergence of social networks, hinder organizations from leveraging these outlets to develop strategies and create a framework for expansion. The new HP Social Enterprise Services help […]

Social media and the contact centre – the challenges and how to meet them

Social media is currently generating considerable buzz within the contact centre space as a new and very different communication channel. However, most firms are still trying to figure out how best to interact with customers via this medium. Critical themes to consider for social media deployment include: enabling social media in customer care, deploying home […]