Customer feedback

E.ON best on small businesses energy complaints table with extra energy the worst

A new energy complaints league table for small businesses has named Extra Energy as the worst performer, mainly for sending out large catch-up bills after lengthy delays and demanding quick payment. Citizens Advice said E.ON had delivered the best performance in its first quarterly table to allow small businesses to compare how well suppliers are […]

Brands underestimate the emotional impact on customers of breaking their promises

A new study reveals that brands lack important understanding of the emotions that drive customer loyalty and significantly undervalue the negative impact of failing to deliver on customer expectations. Conducted by customer experience optimization leader InMoment, the annual CX Trends Report reveals how consumers and brands prioritize various aspects of the customer experience, examining where […]

Customers want businesses to do much more to prevent cyber security breaches

The majority of consumers fear they will be victims of a breach, and less than a third believe firms are taking data protection seriously. According to research by Gemalto, 58 per cent of customers are worried about such incidents and just 29 per cent think companies are doing enough to protect their personal data. Insecure firms […]

Bills not getting any easier to understand for seven in ten customers

For the majority of consumers in the UK, bills aren’t getting any clearer or easier to understand, which is confusing customers and wasting an important customer touch point, according to new research from Echo Managed Services. This is despite up to a third of people stating that clarity is the number one billing improvement businesses […]


One in five Brits would not leave a gratuity if they felt the person who was providing them with a service looked scruffy. Tipping has always been a grey area in the UK, and the “unwritten rules” that many people follow are very much open to interpretation. Leading workwear provider Simon Jersey has conducted some […]