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RingCentral’s Julien Rio shares his thoughts on how to boost customer satisfaction

Businesses of today—whether they be focused in the technology, retail or service sectors—share one common goal: to provide unparalleled customer experience.  It’s something Chief Customer Officers have been investing enormously in for decades, and with advancements in AI and machine learning, we’re getting increasingly closer to achieving customer experience that is truly seamless.

When it comes to digital transformation, however, our best friend can sometimes be our worst enemy. Yes, our processes are becoming faster and more intuitive which, at aerial view, must be a positive. Yet, the problem with such rapid advancement is that the customer—and by that I refer to the real, living human—is often lost in the process. Big, strategic plans are great, but business leaders need to take a regular step back and reconnect with the humans that are investing in their product.

At RingCentral, customer experience and satisfaction is our ultimate priority. How do we achieve that? Well, one of the ways we do so is by observing ‘Get to Know Your Customer Day’, a day that takes place annually on the third Thursday of each quarter. It’s one of the important business moments in time that is often overlooked by business leaders, but when acknowledged, is capable of triggering significant shifts in customer perception. Here’s why.

It gives your customers a voice

Most businesses make the claim they are “led by customer demand”. The problem with this statement is often around how they categorise demand; for many enterprises, forecasts, results and sales form the groundwork for establishing “demand”. This is a responsible way of doing business. However, there are limitations. We’ll only be able to truly understand customer insight when we pause and strike up conversations with our customers. Get to Know Your Customer Day encourages businesses to run surveys, open discussions on digital channels (messaging apps, social media…), and do all they can to dismantle the barrier between corporation and customer.

It’s an opportunity to start doing things differently

Once a dialogue is open, you can start getting to the nitty gritty of issues. For example, a recent report might have indicated that customers aren’t engaging with a new feature you’ve added to your application. The technology is robust, so why the backlash? The only way you can start doing things differently, and ultimately improve your customer experience, is to invest time in feedback. When asked, customers will often raise questions or comments that haven’t been raised internally. That’s only natural; you’re the business and they’re the customer, you perceive things differently.

Get to Know Your Customer Day is also an excellent opportunity to re-connect with customers who have invested in your product over the past few months. It positions you as a responsive and conscious business that genuinely values customer input, making paying customers more likely to interact with you in the future.

It stimulates growth

So, you’ve got the feedback, collected the comments, and cemented yourself as an accessible business. All the findings that come about thanks to your customer interaction on Get to Know Your Customer Day can now be used to inform your growth strategy, which we know is essential to achieve scale.

There’s also another side to that, too. Not only will you be engaging with your people who have purchased your product, you’ll also likely strike up conversations—virtual or in person—with fellow businesses. This is incredibly powerful: you’ll be able to share tips on customer experience, learn from one other, and crucially, raise your profile among business peers. Never underestimate the importance of growing your network; this is a fantastic opportunity to do so.

Julien has more than 10 years’ international experience in Marketing and Customer Care positions across multiple industries including toys, medical, hospitality, F&B, logistics, electronics, etc. As Head of Marketing of RingCentral Engage Digital Julien strives for improving customer care worldwide and closing the gap between what companies have to offer and what customers expect

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