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A report from Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, has found that the number of people using ad-blockers has risen, with 24% of the UK using them.

It also discovered that 92% of UK, US and Germany respondents used ad-blockers on their laptop or desktop computer, while a third plan to install an ad-blocker on their smartphones in the next year. This outlook doesn’t fare well for advertisers but there is a way forward that will enable them and consumers to find a middle ground.

David Nelson, VP Product & Operations Europe at Rocket Fuel has weighed in the topic: “We can see that there is a desire to eliminate advertising, that consumers are willing to pay to do so. However, its less clear whether consumers would be willing to pay for the content they enjoy, which is supported by ad revenues.

“Rocket Fuel has data which tells us that good advertising, which is well conceived creatively and well targeted to a person’s interest, can in itself be entertaining and/or attract user engagement. It can seem quite a paradox but in reality the lesson is really simple – advertisers need to spend less on junk advertising. In every case they should place the consumer experience first, eliminate “spray & pray” techniques and improve the creative quality. The consumer experience should be at the forefront of all advertising, without this tactic advertising will suffer.

“The quality of advertising is sure to improve as both advertisers and publishers see the effects of ad blocking. Advertisers will be smarter in delivering relevant, engaging content and publishers will improve their placements enabling brighter consumer experience. The most exciting thing is that we don’t need a period of renaissance, we have the ability to achieve better right now. Every ad could be targeted, relevant and entertaining. Why should any ad be less so?”

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