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Airports are offering benefits to passengers willing to give personal information in return in order to build more personal relationships with their customers.

As part of a new strategy, airports are using personal details provided by customers to create a more tailored, personal experience with the aim of increasing revenues.

64 per cent of passengers are currently actively connecting with airports, and only five per cent polled said they did not want any relationship with their airline, according to a survey of 3,000 people by ICLP.

In airports currently there is great demand for information while travellers wait for their flights, the majority of whom go to the airport website to access this.

79 per cent access the website for arrival and departure times, 52 per cent for traffic news and 46 per cent for directions to or from the airport.

This has created an opportunity for airports to connect with their customers.

58 per cent of those polled said they would be happy to share personal details to access free WiFi, and 51 per cent for flight notifications on mobile devices.

43 per cent said they would give details in exchange for pre-flight vouchers, and 42 per cent would agree to give away personal information for shopping vouchers.

Of those polled, millennials were most likely to share their information for these perks, while older generations were more tentative.

Only 22 per cent of baby boomers polled said they would share personal information for benefits, for example.

Mignon Buckingham, managing director of ICLP, told Travel Daily News: “This survey highlights the need for airports to take a sophisticated approach to understanding their passengers, giving customers compelling reasons to share their personal information.

“This is key to providing traveller memberships, services and loyalty programmes that are purpose-built to fit their needs and therefore are more successful.

“There is undoubtedly an untapped opportunity for airports to drive sales by motivating customers to share information about themselves, collecting and using the right data and insight to better understand their customers.”

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