Customer Behaviour

While men (83%) believe they are more rational than women (74%) when shopping online, it is women who are most likely to get the best deals online this Amazon Prime Day, research by Clicktale predicts.

59% of women are more likely to seek out discounts and offers online compared with just 44% of men — and, as a result, women are more satisfied with their on-sale purchases (48% vs 33%).

But analysing the subtle motivations behind purchases, Clicktale has found a number of complex emotional factors driving consumer behaviour. 33% of consumers shop online because they’re bored, 46% of consumers shop to distract themselves when they’re hungry, and 19% of consumers shop online because they’re stressed.

CMO at Clicktale Geoff Galat said: “While Prime Day is likely to be a great day for commerce, brands need to understand that what informs online consumer behaviour isn’t just previous purchases and demographics — it’s more about emotion and intent.”

The findings come from Clicktale’s “stress shopping” report, which analyses the relationship between stress and shopping in digital experiences with 2,000 consumers in the UK and the US.

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