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Flexi-hours, hot desking and conference calls are all tools that have evolved in the business world to allow even the most stressed jetsetters to keep on top of their deadlines and feel connected with colleagues. But has the language of business evolved at the same pace?

Through its ‘Jargon Buster’ campaign, Amba Hotels is on a mission to banish meaningless phrases like ‘low hanging fruit’ and ‘peel the onions’, and even update old fashioned terms such as ‘canteen’ and ‘lobby’ which need re-inventing for the 21st century.

Research conducted by the hotel brand, which prides itself on appealing to business travellers through the latest intuitive technology and world-class service, has revealed that business buzzwords have lost popularity.

When presented with twelve options of various classic office or business phrases, nearly a third (30%) of all respondents in a recent survey said that ‘touch base offline’, a phrase commonly found in day-to-day conference calls, was their most hated.

Other phrases that really grate on people’s nerves are ‘blue sky thinking’, ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘thought showers’, with around 25% of respondents selecting them as their least favourite.

Research conducted by Goldsmiths consumer psychologist Patrick Fagan looked into the psychological impact that traditional business words and phrases have on business travellers. 74% of business travellers felt that ‘executive lounge’ was a meaningless phrase, while 11% of non-business travellers were actively repelled by the term.

Fagan comments: “It was fascinating to see the emotional response that business travellers have to certain terms or phrases. While some feel repelled by certain words, and attracted to others, the majority of business travellers feel that many of the buzzwords have no concrete or effective meaning, or feel indifferent towards them.”

In an attempt to do away with these irrelevant terms, the hotel brand is creating the Amba Hotels’ Jargon Buster book. Curated by language expert Adam Jacot de Boinod, the book will capture alternative terms, as suggested by the business travelling public, in order to champion a more relevant business language for the modern traveller.

Colin Roy, Chief Marketing Officer, glh Hotels said: “At Amba Hotels, we are constantly striving to find the most innovative techniques to help our guests stay connected. Corporate jargon needs refreshing and we are on a mission to shake up the standard business language that so many of us come across in our everyday lives. Amba Hotels is a forward-thinking, business-focussed hotel brand and we want our Jargon Buster to reflect that.”


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