Andrew McGuigan, Director of Advocate and Engineer Engagement at Microsoft and speaker at our 2019 Customer Engagement Summit, gives insight into his case study and role …

Can you provide us with an insight into a ‘day in the life’ of your role?

I love my job. I feel like I can (and do) make difference both to the colleague and the customer experience – and who doesn’t want to do that every day?

There are four key focus areas for my team and I, which are:

– Quality – how well are we set up as an organisation to deliver fan creating customer interactions (Macro Quality) and how well do we actually do it (Micro Quality)?

– Enablement – getting information to our people when they need it (knowledge management), looking after our business rules and our processes, and, really importantly looking after our closed loop feedback process. This really helps us to capture our people’s ideas and driving great change from them and for our customers.

– Fraud Prevention – we have a team of super bright people who look for fraudulent behaviour and seek to close it down quickly and effectively (negative outliers). This team also helps us find customer heroes and celebrate them (positive outliers).

– How we tie all of that activity together into a compelling environment for our colleagues to operate in as they interact with customers around the globe.

All of the above is made possible by my work family – the team I get to work with each day. Every single day is a learning day for us as we share perspectives and lessons learned. Each team helps the others advance with greater pace and impact.

What do you think is the most important factor affecting Customer Engagement today?

The same one its always been – engaging with customers as individuals, recognising their needs, and finding innovative ways to meet them. Finding ways to enable the amazing people who interact with customers daily to focus more on the customer and less on the rules and systems is what enables this.

Customers don’t just compare the experience a business offers to its market peers; I think we are compared to cross industry/product/channel experiences all the time – and that frees us to look around and share best practice with different people and to really think differently about how we chose to engage. That’s a really positive place for our industry (CX) to be.

What do you think the future looks like for Customer Engagement?

I think the future is bright. I meet people around the industry who are committed to engaging with customers and colleagues in positive ways.

Conversations seem to be more balanced between driving efficiency and saving with the customer experience; technology is enabling amazing changes at staggering speed – and that makes for a fast paced and innovative environment.

Can you provide a sneak peek into your case study?

I’m going to talk through some of the Big Hairy Audacious Goals we are working on with my team and how we are trying to drive a revolution with 12 months.

I’ll share how a focus on the customer through quality can transform the outcomes delivered, how we have changed up our focus on targets and what happens when you get 12k responses about Knowledge Management.

Finally, I’ll share some examples of how we flipped the fraud model to uncover more heroes.

What are you most looking forward to about the event?

It’s such an amazing opportunity to learn and grow, hearing how people are approaching challenges and think about how I can use some of that best practice to help me move my dials.

I’m a little introverted and this time I’m going to challenge myself to meet more new people in the breaks and smaller sessions.

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