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Smartphone users take an average of 10 photos, each week. With 54,713,000 smartphone users in the UK, this works out at over 328 million photos being snapped on mobile phones on a weekly basis.

The news comes just in time for the camera phone’s 18th birthday. The first commercially-available camera phone, the Sharp J-SHO4, was released in November 2000.

The mobile network’s survey also uncovered that mobiles are putting the future of actual cameras in jeopardy; 59% of respondents stated that they prefer their mobile phone camera to the real thing. In fact, the majority of everyone under the age of 35 preferred using their mobile phone to take pictures.

Nonetheless, despite most over-35s staying loyal to the traditional camera, the majority of all age ranges said they take more photos using their mobiles than with stand-alone cameras. Of the whole survey, 66% stated the majority of their photos are taken on a phone, with only 12% saying their camera took more pictures.

Statistics showed that family and friends are the main subjects of our photography, accounting for 39.6% of all photos. Furthermore, despite using social media as a broadcasting tool, we send more photos privately than sharing publicly.

With the camera phone becoming an adult this November, giffgaff has also compiled a timeline, showing the most significant advancements of the camera phone since it was first launched. This, along with further statistics, imagery and information can be found on giffgaff’s website.

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