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Intelligent Assistants: Striking a balance between automated and human customer contact

With consumer appetite for AI now seemingly high, service providers are under pressure to deliver it. But how do you seamlessly integrate AI into the existing customer service function, whilst striking the right balance between automated and human customer contact. Martin Hill-Wilson explores the dilemma facing many customer service departments. Despite what you might think […]

What Happened At Customer Engagement Transformation 2017?

For those familiar with my after event debriefs, I’m happy to report it was another cracking day, courtesy of the Engage Customer team who assembled a great line up of speakers and a crowd of inquisitive and vocal delegates who were clearly eager to learn. Both Adrian Swinscoe and I chaired the event. This is […]

Contact Centres Rediscover Their Mojo

What a difference a year makes! This industry gathering otherwise known as ‘Future of Contact Centres’ felt like a completely different event from the one I chaired just 12 months ago. For a start there were two chairs and twice the speakers. The event’s strap line that the Contact Centre is the ‘beating heart of […]

Conversational Self Service Is Shaking Things Up

I’ve just run my second briefing on intelligent assistance. Much happened in the few months between sessions. This time, the second half of the day was dominated with stories about bots and their use cases on messaging platforms. It also included the amazing things now possible via automated voice which Amazon’s Alexa Challenge exemplifies. Meanwhile […]

Reflections on Future Of The Contact Centre Leaders Forum

I’m not sure exactly how many crammed into the bijou theatre at the top of Blue Fin, but it was standing room only for most of the day. Certainly more than a hundred bright minds made it an event that zinged all day.  It was also Friday which meant the conversation had to be good […]

Intelligent Assistants – Your Breakthrough Self Service Strategy

I recently designed and ran a new masterclass – Making Automation & Self Service Work In Your Contact Centre. It was commissioned by Ann Marie Stagg and initially offered to her CCMA members. By the end of the day we were all shaken and stirred. We concluded that Intelligent Assistants are not just a channel shift strategy. […]

Got These On Your 2016-2019 Service Roadmap?

Right now I can see three genuinely transformational technologies on offer for forward-thinking contact centres. The first is Interaction Analytics, which provides credible evidence of what goes on day in, day out. Its range of application is impressive – 100% compliance management, advisor dashboards for self development, a key input to Voice of the Customer […]