Brands are alienating their customers by making blunders on social media, according to a survey. 58 per cent of those questioned by Sprout Social said they felt annoyed by brands posting too many promotions on their social media accounts, making this the most complained about action.

Using slang and jargon was the second most annoying action a brand could take when using social media, as it was selected by 38 per cent.

35 per cent also felt that brands that didn’t have any personality on their accounts were annoying.

The most annoying industry on social media, which 13 per cent of respondents named, was the government, followed by banking and finance which was named by 11 per cent of respondents.

The majority of respondents, 73 per cent, said that they like or follow a brand’s page on social media due to interest in its products or services.

46 per cent are likely to unfollow brands if they post too many promotions and 35 per cent if they tweet too much. 41 per cent said they would unlike or unfollow a brand on social media if they do not post relevant content.

Consumers are also likely to unlike a brand if they feel being associated with it would be looked upon negatively by peers. Seven in ten said they have unliked pages due to the embarrassment they would feel if their friends saw they had liked it.

The power of social media as a marketing tool is significant.

57 per cent are more likely to purchase something from a brand they follow on social media.

The majority of consumers – 61 per cent – have to view a promotion for a specific product two to four times before they are convinced to buy it.

Therefore marketers must strike a balance between making sure followers see their promotions multiple times, without bombarding them and alienating them.

The most liked industry on social media is retail, the survey found.

18 per cent have liked retail brands, 16 per cent have liked media brands and 16 per cent have liked consumer goods brands.

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