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Tech giant Microsoft explains how it has transferred a ‘growth mindset’ from the boardroom to the contact centre and gained a whole new set of customer ‘fans’

Childhood dreams of becoming a super-hero soon fade as you enter adult life and face the world of work. No space for ideas of daring valour when you have breakfast meetings and endless emails to answer.

But it’s different if you happen to work in Microsoft’s customer services team. For there, if you provide an exemplary customer experience and become in Microsoft language a ‘fan creator’ you will be rewarded with a super-hero cape and a congratulatory letter from management.

“It is part of our ethos,” explains Andrew McGuigan, Worldwide Customer Service Strategy Leader at Microsoft. “If I as a colleague can make our customers successful then we can make our business successful. Who doesn’t want to have a relationship with a business which is focused on you and giving you the things that you want? It’s mutually assured success.”

It is part of an overall cultural change at the group centred on growth mindset and led by chief executive Satya Nadella.

“We are moving from a group of people who know everything to a group that wants to learn everything as the world changes rapidly around us. So, it’s moving from a fixed mindset to growth mindset and embracing new ideas. You don’t have to have an answer for every single question somebody poses you. It’s about lifelong learning and being curious and thinking about how you are going to find that answer. It is a very liberating place to be,” McGuigan states. “It’s about how we interact with our customers and how we make things better for them, our colleagues and our business. It’s moving from focusing on our own success to valuing the success of others. It changes a culture from internal competition to internal collaboration.”

Case study – Microsoft, Andrew McGuigan

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