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CX habits: Out with the old, in with the new

By Claire Sporton, SVP, Customer Experience Innovation, Confirmit Did you stick to your 2018 new year’s resolutions? Did you actually use the gym membership? Learn to speak Italian? Start your own organic hand-woven yoghurt business in Aberystwyth? No, probably not. No matter, though, we’re at that time of year again where we start pondering the […]

Siri, how can voice technology transform my company?

What will enterprise automation look like by 2019? Rodney Hassard, Global Director of Product Management, Genesys Text searches. That’s so 2016. The pace of change means that voice-activated personal assistants, including Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, are becoming the early 21st century equivalent to what typing pools and secretaries were to the mid-twentieth century. According […]

The customer data imperative: Turning insights into action

In today’s digital age, customers are increasingly in control and they demand an end-to-end experience that is tailored to their needs, delivered on the channels of their choosing, and at times that are convenient to them. As such, disconnected brand experiences across channels can have a negative impact on conversion rates. As a consumer, I’ve […]

Customer Engagement Summit Hall Chair Report – Nick Brice

We opened in the Blue Hall after coffee looking at how Voice of the Employee had been front and centre of the business for Formica’s European Business, where in 2015 engagement figures had ebbed to less than 50%.  Emma Dixon, joining Formica after a spell at BT, showed us how leadership development can support the […]

Chatbots are talking their way into our lives, transforming our interactions

By Rodney Hassard, Global Director of Product Management, Genesys Chatbots and voicebots are transforming how we engage with businesses and how businesses engage with us. We now interact with bots in text messages, phone calls and even messaging apps when we are doing regular business with a brand such as making a payment or checking […]

How to successfully deploy a multi-channel marketing strategy

Seb writes articles about the wider marketing sector. After learning his trade at an SEO agency in Manchester, Seb is now the PR and Digital Marketing Manager at Assured Pharmacy. In today’s 24/7 interconnected world, societies engage with companies through a plethora of online sources, whether it’s social media, email, news portals, or simply their […]

Customer Engagement Summit Hall Chair Report – Cathy Brown

As always, such a pleasure to be chairing a great set of speakers at the 2018 Customer Engagement Summit. Inspired by the plenary speakers, especially Gavin Ingham giving us real insight into what gives us the edge at work, we started straight in on our Customer and Employee Engagement stream in style! Our first speaker […]

Customer Engagement Summit Hall Chair Report – Gerry Brown

This year’s Engage Customer Summit, where I chaired Hall 3, featured a healthy mix of companies well known for great customer experience complemented by sincere and engaging presentations from those companies that don’t make the CX headlines or the award shows, but have an equally strong commitment to improving the lives of their customers and […]

Why can’t I talk to a human being? Balancing AI and EI in customer service teams

by Jill Pennington, Consultant Director, JCA Global Ltd Our research shows a significant correlation between performance and elevated levels of EI in roles where there is high emotional labour (Hughes and Maddocks 2018). Where flexibility and working with others are key, EI measures are more predictive of performance than traditional personality tests. So how can […]