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Creating Magic Customer Moments in the Amazon Age

by Bastian Nominacher, co-founder and co-CEO, Celonis Over the past decade, digital disruptors have overturned almost every industry, with tech heavyweights such as Amazon, Uber and Airbnb transforming what it means to provide the very best customer service. As consumers, we’ve come to expect same-day delivery, more choice of product, more convenience and a near-instant […]

The Role of Chatbots in Customer Retail Experience Over the Next Ten Years

Adrian Benic VP of Product, Infobip Computer systems performing tasks normally untaken by humans (Artificial Intelligence) and computer generated images superimposed onto real world surroundings (Augmented Reality) are transforming the world around us. They are being implemented across almost every industry and are set to revolutionize the retail sector on an unprecedented scale over the […]

Operational Excellence: the missing link in enhancing customer experience

 By Clive Hannon, Chief Operating Officer, Engage Hub You may have noticed BT grabbing the headlines lately as it announced key plans to make considerable changes to its operational model. The goal? To create ‘a lean and agile’ organisation that delivers continual improvement to customer experience and productivity. This move – made by one of […]

RCS: Gaining cut through with the next generation of messaging

As technology continues to evolve at an incredibly fast rate, CMOs and CIOs cannot assume that their current messaging strategies will still be as effective and relevant in the coming weeks, months and years. Take A2P SMS as an example – the customer alert is engrained into people’s lives in such a way that to […]

How you and your money can navigate the World Cup

Clare Gilham, Head of Marketing, Feefo The World Cup kicks off in Russia on June 14th, and with an estimated £2.5 billion set to be spent across the UK if England make it through to the final (don’t laugh), you need to make sure that you don’t score an own goal when it comes to […]

3 Tips for Launching a Brand Chatbot

To chatbot, or not to chatbot? It’s a big question many brands have wrestled with over the last 18 months. And fortunately for all of us who design and build them, we’ve mostly managed to steer the conversation through “should I” to “where do I start”. There are many contributing factors to this new resolve […]

Customer Engagement has changed and the Contact Centre must evolve to keep up

by Patrick Kolencherry, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Twilio Flex Meeting customer expectations is vital to the success of any modern business. Today, a core part of these expectations center around effective communications. Much in the way you would expect smooth interactions when speaking with your friends and family via Facebook Messenger, email or telephone, the […]

Is AI ready to deliver more than Teenage Kicks?

Claire Sporton, SVP, Customer Experience Innovation, Confirmit If all the hype is to believed, the robots are not only coming, they are the answer to many of the challenges we face as CX professionals. Although CX budgets are expected to either remain the same or decrease in 2018, it appears that many organisations expect to […]