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Customer Engagement Summit Hall Chair Report – Cathy Brown

As always, such a pleasure to be chairing a great set of speakers at the 2018 Customer Engagement Summit. Inspired by the plenary speakers, especially Gavin Ingham giving us real insight into what gives us the edge at work, we started straight in on our Customer and Employee Engagement stream in style! Our first speaker […]

Customer Engagement Summit Hall Chair Report – Gerry Brown

This year’s Engage Customer Summit, where I chaired Hall 3, featured a healthy mix of companies well known for great customer experience complemented by sincere and engaging presentations from those companies that don’t make the CX headlines or the award shows, but have an equally strong commitment to improving the lives of their customers and […]

Why can’t I talk to a human being? Balancing AI and EI in customer service teams

by Jill Pennington, Consultant Director, JCA Global Ltd Our research shows a significant correlation between performance and elevated levels of EI in roles where there is high emotional labour (Hughes and Maddocks 2018). Where flexibility and working with others are key, EI measures are more predictive of performance than traditional personality tests. So how can […]

Team building – getting the CX skills blend right

By Claire Sporton, SVP of Customer Experience Innovation, Confirmit Technology has always opened the door to new and different ways of working, enabling us to do things quicker, smarter and faster. The growing arsenal of analytics tools, for example, is enabling Customer Experience (CX) professionals to listen to and understand what drives engagement amongst increasingly […]

Can customer service keep pace with a managed services world?

by Tom Needs, Chief Operations Officer, Node4 In an era of cloud services, service providers and managed services, are we good enough at the customer service part of the equation? As organisations trust us with more of their technology and see the benefits of outsourcing, do Managed Service Providers (MSPs) really understand the importance of […]

How automation can boost CX and efficiency

By Olivier Njamfa, CEO and Co-Founder, Eptica Two interlinked trends are driving customer experience today. In an ever-more competitive, winner takes all world, brands understand the vital importance to the bottom line of engaging more deeply with their customers. At the same time, consumer expectations are continually rising, as they expect more from the brands […]

Optimising your brand experience to drive success

by Laurence Parkes, Chief Strategy Officer at Rufus Leonard The importance of brand experience  It’s only relatively recently that people have begun to use the term ‘brand experience’ (BX) to talk about how a brand lives across all of the touchpoints that customers interact. Not only does brand experience impact how a customer feels about […]

Why Customer Experience is King

In today’s economy, consumers have more options than ever, and they know it. Thanks to the Internet, they can get whatever they want, whenever they want it. As a result, they increasingly value great experiences and the ability to connect with other people. This “people economy” is emotional. It’s a different game, with different rules, […]