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Customer Service and the Death of the Website

by Rurik Bradbury, Global Head of Conversational Strategy at LivePerson When people started building websites in the mid-’90s, it was under the assumption that e-commerce would very quickly eclipse old-fashioned bricks-and-mortar shopping. But after more than two decades, only 8–9% of sales happen online. It sounds strange to say it, because our smartphone-dependent lives feel […]

The Role of Emotions in Customer and Employee Experience

In a world where many products and services are now seen as commodities, many organisations are struggling to find and retain customers. So, when your product starts to look like the others, what’s left is the relationship. As standard services and functionalities become similar, you must foster the emotions about and within your company. Progressive […]

Marketing To The Entitled Consumer

By Nick Worth, CMO at Selligent Marketing Cloud When I was a kid, my vision of the future always included flying cars. I thought about a future where we all flew directly to our destinations without traffic and not having to listen to mom’s boring complaints about the lack of parking. We would soar above […]

The Advantages of Voice Recognition for Retail and E-Commerce

Brian Martin, Regional Director – U.K. & Ireland – ‎Spitch In an era of economic uncertainty, opportunities for cost-savings and efficiency-gains are the holy grail for any business. Consumers increasingly expect convenience in all walks of life and are quick to take their custom elsewhere if they encounter anything but seamless transactions. Yet with tighter […]

Future of The Contact Centre: Chair Report

By Martin Hill Wilson, Founder of Brainfood Consulting It was a good crowd – an industry in genuine transformation – a busy agenda to mirror the extent of change. So the signs pointed to a great event which indeed it turned out to be. We began with an outside-in view from BT’s bi-annual consumer research […]

How to get your Customers to help themselves

We live in a society that is so used to finding answers for themselves that self-service is becoming the norm. In terms of customer service, statistics show that 81% of customers would prefer to use self-service channels. And it’s not just the convenience factor – with quicker and easier access to information and community forums, […]

Do B2B marketers give a FCK about engaging audiences?

By Claire Nash, Group Strategy Director, MomentumABM B2B marketers have a lot to learn from KFC. The chicken chain released its full page “FCK” apology ads to universal acclaim, using humour and self-deprecation to draw the sting from a potentially damaging “fowl-up” in their new supply chain operations. In the process, the company provided an object […]

Botman vs. SuperAgent: Dawn of a new contact centre?

By Dr Nicola J. Millard, BT Global Services Local cinemas have been packed to the rafters with superhero movies lately. Whether it’s Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman, they pop their underpants on over their trousers and battle the big and the bad (often a rogue robot, or an intergalactic weapon of some kind). But can […]

The digital future of the contact centre: automate or fail?

The emergence of new digital consumer trends and technologies are changing the playing field for contact centres today. On the technology side, the rise of empowered machines means that by the end of the year, up to 10% of purchase decisions will be influenced by intelligent agents. According to The Economist Intelligence Unit, 75% of […]