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Inconvenience Stores – world’s first customer service travelogue

It’s over ten years since Inconvenience Stores first came out. This was (as I keep telling everyone) the world’s first customer service travelogue. Confident that this piece of information would serve my interests well, I sat back, awaited the flood of poorer quality, bandwagon-jumping competitor releases and looked forward to my day in the sun: […]

NPS is one of the few benchmarks we have so don’t ruin it!

In September 2014, we posted an article on our website about the misuse and abuse of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) number that we had witnessed. Since then, on our social media feeds and at our events, we have had many more people contribute to the debate and add their own experiences. Our biggest fear […]

Maybe my opinion doesn’t matter after all?

I love working in Customer Experience.  When asked why I often reply its because it’s so simple.  I only have to remember to do two things:  Step One: Listen to customers; Step two Act upon what they tell you. It seems to me that all the great companies are particularly strong at step two. However […]