Customer Contact (incl BPO)

Funeral firm boss admits the industry has been taking advantage of people’s grief

The boss of the UK’s largest funeral provider, the Co-Op Group, has admitted the industry has taken advantage of people’s grief in the past. Steve Murrells said price wasn’t on the agenda for people arranging a funeral – which created “the wrong behaviour in the industry”. Last week, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched […]

Uber fined £385,000 for losing UK customer data

Uber has been fined £385,000 for letting hackers steal data on 2.7 million UK customers. The full names, addresses and phone numbers of users went astray in the 2016 attack. The data had been stolen thanks to “avoidable data security flaws”, said the Information Commissioner’s Office. Uber has also been fined 600,000 euros (£532,000) by […]

Customer fury over ‘mocking’ response from Natwest bank staff over fraud

An angry victim of fraud who was scammed out of £40,000 was then seemingly mocked by bank staff. The internal email, joking after the scam, was accidentally forwarded to the victim by staff at NatWest. Dozens of other scam victims have told the BBC that they were unhappy with NatWest’s response to their losses after […]

Energy company apologises for bill mix up for it’s 100,000 customers

An energy supplier has apologised to all 100,000 of its customers after it sent out bills that were too high. Outfox the Market admitted the mistake inflated annual bill forecasts by 25%. CEO Keith Bastian said; “It is regrettable that incorrect information was given to our valued customers and for that we are sorry.” But […]

Long suffering passengers finally get independant rail complaints service

Rail passengers who are unhappy about how their complaints have been handled will be able to appeal via a service launched on Monday. The Dispute Resolution Ombudsman is an independent body designed to hold train companies to account. Figures show 28% of people who made a complaint to a rail company in 2017/18 were satisfied […]

GCHQ warns on Black Friday cyber-threats to consumers

Black Friday sales could be targeted as “prime pickings” for cyber-crime, the UK’s cyber-security defence agency has warned shoppers. The National Cyber Security Centre, part of the GCHQ intelligence service, is issuing advice to shoppers of the risk of “malicious” online threats. It is the first such official cyber-warning in the run-up to the Christmas […]

RBS customer finally gets refund after losing thousands of pounds in scam

A Royal Bank of Scotland customer had more than £4,300 stolen from her account by a fraudulent caller who got one of her security questions wrong, BBC Watchdog Live has found. The bank insisted for more than a year that Charlotte Higman was aware of the transaction and refused to refund her. The Financial Ombudsman […]

Chatbots failing to float holidaymakers boats says new report

Holidaymakers are not yet ready to hand over all their travel needs to chatbots. According to a new travel report by Edit, they are still sceptical and nervous about trusting AI to perform key tasks such as taking payment and making bookings, but they are largely happy to use chatbots to research potential holidays and […]

Half of UK companies deploy Artificial Intelligence to improve customer intimacy

A survey of nearly 600 executives across 18 countries finds that 48% of companies say improving customer intimacy is the main reason for artificial intelligence (AI) adoption. Additionally, large companies with at least 30,000 employees are more than 50% more likely to have made major investments in AI for front-line customer interactions and analytics, the […]