Customer Contact (incl BPO)

Voice still dominant customer service channel

More than seven in ten respondents from more than 500 contact centre operations surveyed by Noble Systems indicated that voice service is still the main channel of communications with their customers. Sian Ciabattoni, Marketing Director of Noble Systems EMEA, states: “We've seen an increase in customer interest in our multi-channel contact technologies as a result […]

Prisons look to set up contact centres

An innovative scheme to use prisoners with genuine British accents in call centres inside UK jails is being considered by the Ministry of Justice as part of its work programme for prisoners. One of the consumer complaints against British companies who have call centres in India has been that Indian workers sometimes do not understand […]

Fewer outsourcing contracts going around

The number of new IT and business process outsourcing contracts worldwide dropped by 20% to 411 in the second quarter from 516 in the same quarter a year ago, with average contract values also sliding, a research firm said. "The market is growing, but the pace of growth is slowing down," said Salil Dani, practice […]