The vast majority of consumers do not currently pay for mobile security services – but many would if their service providers offered solutions that covered all their connected devices.

Research by Allot Communications found that while 89 per cent of users do not pay for mobile security at the moment, 61 per cent would if their networks made such services available.

Rather than finding and installing protection for each of their connected devices, the survey found that consumers would prefer to visit a one-stop-shop for security coverage.

68 per cent of mobile internet users said they are aware of malware, and one in seven of these consumers have experienced a malware attack in the last year.

However, there appears to be confusion over who to contact when an attack occurs. 26 per cent said they would contact their mobile providers when infected with malware, while another 26 per cent would contact the app developer and 35 per cent would contact nobody.

“Communications service providers have a huge opportunity to be proactive and deliver relevant protection,” said Yaniv Sulkes, AVP for marketing at Allot Communications.

“Our survey has revealed consumers are demanding simplified protection for their various connected devices and are willing to pay for it. CSPs are best placed to address this industry-wide issue and improve the customer experience.”

Mobile security is a growing concern as consumers and workers store an increasing amount of sensitive data on connected devices like smartphones and tablets.

When US president Donald Trump moved into the White House earlier this year, security experts warned that his Android smartphone could be a major risk to his administration.

And last year, research showed that a fear of logging off meant consumers were willing to take security risks when on holiday to connect to services like email and social media.

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