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With the flagship Customer Engagement Summit just a few weeks away, we sat down with some of this year’s speakers to hear more about their industry and what you can expect from their case studies. Today, we took five with Julia Barbosa, Special Projects Lead at Save the Children.

  1. Tell us more about the customer engagement approach Save the Children adopts?

I work in the Fundraising and Marketing division, so our customers are the people who support our cause. This could be donating money, campaigning or doing something to raise money or awareness.

We are very focused on ensuring that we’re giving our customers the best experience, so we make sure that we know what is relevant to them and we listen to what they tell us. We know that they want to hear about the impact of their donations and we make sure that we’re keeping them up to date.

  1. How do you maintain that culture throughout the whole organisation?

We have a whole strategy about being customer centric, and each team is responsible for ensuring that this approach is embedded in their activity. We also focus a lot on audience insight, so that everyone knows their customer well.

  1. Tell us more about your case study focus?

The charity sector has been through a lot of change recently, so I’m going to talk about what we’ve learned so far, from things that went well and also things that didn’t go according to plan. Trying new things and failing is part of the innovation process, but people tend to only highlight their successes. In fact, we often learn more when things don’t go so well.

  1. What trends do you feel will be around for years to come in customer engagement?

For me the key is that customers are more demanding, and rightly so. People have high expectations about their experience, and I think this is a great opportunity for companies to stand out and deliver more. I think this will be the key for differentiation in the long term. And for the charity sector, this has a big impact – it’s a great time for us to learn from the private sector and vice-versa. Every industry is different but everyone needs to deliver the best experience and engagement to their customers.

  1. How big of a role will technology play in the future of customer engagement?

It will play a huge role and will continue to improve how customers relate to brands. In many ways we’re in a transition: we talk about ‘omni channel’ but at the moment the customer experience is still very fragmented. Technology will help brands give customers easier ways to engage, and increasingly this will be seamless, and not only in terms of how the customer sees your brand. Brands that engage customers well will be the ones that really add value to their lives.

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