Customers are open to brand interaction, but want a more personalised experience, a study has shown. 84 per cent of customers surveyed by Mailjet said they are open to brand interactions through notifications on their mobile devices.

But 41 per cent said they wished to see more personalisation in brand emails and 34 per cent said that timeliness of interactions needed to be improved. 28 per cent also said the regularity of contact from brands needed to be improved.

This has led to 65 per cent of consumers polled saying they are not happy with the number of emails they are receiving from companies, and that they are often irrelevant.

Two in five consumers said they have received notifications or email from a brand within a minute of initial contact with them.

Around 64 per cent of under-30s experienced these notifications and 91 per cent of these said they were open to them and found them useful.

The report highlights the need for companies to be more specific in how they target different age groups.

Despite the rise of mobile e-commerce and social media, traditional channels are still the preferred way to stay updated and interact with brands.

61 per cent of consumers take notice of brand emails, 34 per cent broadcast TV and 19 per cent direct mail.Only 11 per cent of people check their email inbox on their mobiles.Consumers are also unlikely to use social media channels to communicate with brands, with only eight per cent using Instagram, 11 per cent using Twitter and 25 per cent Facebook for this purpose.

72 per cent of over 45s said they haven’t ever noticed a real-time notification on any of their devices following contact with a brand.

Josie Scotchmer, UK marketing manager at Mailjet, said: “As the number of conversations across mobile and social continues to rise, it’s important to bear in mind that there are plenty of technologies and strategies we’ve yet to see from these channels.

“For the more established channels like email, it’s time for marketers to consider what email can offer consumers in the future.

“With more and more connected devices, sensors and location insights becoming available, the number of triggers marketers will have to integrate into campaigns will grow exponentially – thinking about how they can automate these processes now will make all the difference.”

Therefore brands should work to improve the focus of their campaigns, targeting different audiences through points of contact that they are likely to notice and interact with.

37 per cent of British consumers polled said they checked their personal emails during the working day and 61 per cent said at work they would check for product deliveries via email updates in real time.

Scotchmer said: “The increase in consumers looking for brand communications throughout the day marks a change in consumer behaviour based on growing acclimatisation to the technologies that are making marketing automation much more feasible for brands.

“It’s important to note we are now at the point at which consumers have stopped looking out for brand communications and instead have come to expect timely, personalised interactions as the bare minimum throughout the purchase journey.”

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