David Caton, Head of Proposition, CRM & Loyalty at giffgaff and speaker at our 2019 Customer Engagement Summit, gives insight into his case study and role …

What is your industry and how long have you been involved?
I’ve been in marketing in the mobile industry nearly 20 years now, which took me by surprise when I realised. I woke up one day recently and I’d turned 40 and had worked in mobile all my career. How did that happen?!

What are the biggest challenges facing your industry?
This year it’s probably 5G. It’s the bright new future for my sector but consumers don’t seem to be too enthusiastic about it yet. The challenge is to find and communicate compelling reasons to get 5G.

How much has the industry changed?
Over the last few years we’ve seen a big shift in people ‘de-coupling’ their phone and their SIM, meaning they get their phone from one place and a SIM-only deal from somewhere else.

What are you working on at the moment?
We’re trying to find ways to encourage more of our members to use the giffgaff app. It’s a cracking app and it can improve their experience with us if they download it. Members can track their data usage, flexibly change their goodybag (our name for their tariff) and do much more on the app.

How do you hope the future will pan out?
I hope many people realise they don’t need a brand new phone costing more than £1,000, tying themselves into a long contract. Smartphones that are a generation or two behind are still awesome, and people can save a tonne if they get one of them and pair it with one of the brilliant SIM-only deals out there. At giffgaff we have a wide range of flexible tariffs with no contract to suit everyone, and this year we’re responding to the growing interest in quality refurbished phones by making a great range of those phones available.

How have customers changed?
Here at giffgaff we call them members rather than customers, and over the last few years we’ve seen an explosion in the use of data. Even my dad uses lots of data now, and he’s 80. We’ve found members now usually choose a tariff based on the amount of data you get with it.

What has been your biggest success?
In August of last year we doubled the amount of data in some of our most popular tariffs. Our members loved it: our NPS score shot up and we attracted lots more members to our network.

What has been your biggest disappointment?
Alton Towers. (Sorry, this is a joke I’ve nicked from The Office).

What gets you up and out of bed in the morning?
Office banter. The culture at giffgaff is the best of any company I’ve worked at.

Any advice on how to increase engagement?
Be honest. Be authentic. Be yourself.

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