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Keith Schorah, founder and CEO of customer intelligence organisation Maru/Syngro, shares his top reasons why employees benefit from a strong customer experience programme.

It’s vital that customer experience is designed for and measured by what customer’s actually experience. In order to do that, organisations must adopt a strong Customer Experience programme that helps create customer loyalty and retention.

So, what should a strong Customer Experience programme include and how can employees benefit?


A Customer Experience programme is a learning environment within your organisation that sets customer service standards high by enabling employees to create and follow best practice from customer insight, share findings enterprise-wide and innovate continuously to exceed customer expectations. Customer Experience is an organisation-wide priority and it follows then, that any CX platform should be easy for staff from any department to customise and configure their own visual analytics and reports to monitor, drill down, and analyse the customer information that is most relevant to their role and objectives.


The ability to implement tools within a Customer Experience programme such as business improvement projects, KPI management and predictive analytics contribute towards creating and maintaining a truly customer centric culture, by forging a constant improvement environment. A programme that intuitively handles key CX metrics i.e. NPS scores, and survey questions and answers such as CSat and CE scores will uncover trends emerging from customer feedback. As part of the organisations improvement programme, these trends can be treated as separate projects to support strategic decision making and help identify problems in their infancy.


In order to help employees and manage customer feedback, organisations can audit a CX programme by setting targets and KPIs to monitor employee’s performance. When these pre-defined conditions are met, employees can be rewarded and receive recognition. Target setting can also help to highlight areas in need of extra training and upskilling to help staff improve. In addition, it is important generate reports from the programme to present customer feedback to employees; this should be part of any effective management performance programme.


An intelligent CX programme will gather, consolidate and analyse customer feedback data in the way that is easiest for you. By engaging employees with the programme, they are in control of their own customer experience outcomes are more likely to feel engaged with overall objectives. Engaged employees drive improvement and in turn customers receive a better experience; customer feedback can then be analysed to identify those engaged employees. On the other hand, customer feedback can also uncover disengaged employees and the effect they have on the customer experience.

If you would like to learn how to create a powerful customer experience programme, download the Maru/Syngro customer experience infographic to get started.

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