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Facebook is decreasing the priority of News Feed clickbait content in an effort to improve the experience for its users.

Articles with misleading titles are being reviewed as they do not display the level of authenticity that Facebook is keen to withhold, according to the social media platform.

Links to articles that miss out key parts of the headline will be decreased in priority thanks to new adjustments to the News Feed ranking system.

This is in response to significant feedback received by Facebook expressing the desire to see clearly written, transparent headlines.

This is achieved by categorising headlines to assess whether they are clickbait.

Firstly, software determines if the headline of an article does not display the full amount of information required to understand its nature and content.

Secondly, it looks to see if the headline is exaggerating the information it is displaying, if it is misleading in any way, and if it is giving the reader false expectations.

Facebook stated on their website: “…the headline ‘You’ll Never Believe Who Tripped and Fell on the Red Carpet…’ withholds information required to understand the article (What happened? Who tripped?). The headline ‘Apples Are Actually Bad For You?!’ misleads the reader (apples are only bad for you if you eat too many every day).”

By reviewing thousands of headlines, the social media platform has built a system which can detect phrasing and language that is used in titles designed as clickbait that are not common in more transparent articles.

Articles are then filtered on the News Feed, much like a spam filter on an email system. Pages that regularly share clickbait titles according to this system will consequentially appear lower on the News Feed.

This is likely to discourage pages from posting misleading titles as it will have a potentially damaging impact on traffic if they appear consistently lower on feeds.If pages stop posting clickbait articles then Facebook’s system will detect this and the pages in question will not be deprioritised in future.

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