Guest Blogger

by Michelle Ansell

There are currently more open vacancies than last seen in 2008, with open vacancies topping 1m according to figures from the ONS. Yet many business talent acquisition strategies are still very much in the dark ages.

Delays in the critical key steps can mean the end to your recruitment process, or the loss of your top, high performing talent. These critical steps typically lie within the following areas of your recruitment strategy:

  • Application to acknowledgement and initial engagement
  • First interaction or interview (first impressions last)
  • Post interview feedback
  • Next steps
  • 2nd interviews and feedback
  • Further meetings, assessments, references
  • Presentation of offer and effective offer negotiation

All of the above can stall or be the death of your successful recruitment campaign. Putting a process in place to ensure that you have effective interaction, engagement and communication triggers at the various points of the process will help keep an interested candidate motivated and engaged in the process. An engaged, informed committed candidate excited about a career opportunity will wait a few weeks.

If you find and like a good candidate then here are four top tips to securing top talent.

1: Tell them.

2: Engage them.

3: Communicate with them.

4: Speed up the remainder of your recruitment process to

show them that you’re serious.

A slow recruitment process makes your organisation look slow, indecisive, rigid, and anything but agile and entrepreneurial.

Act fast. Hire fast. Develop Well.

At the very least, communicate promptly to manage the candidate’s expectations and keep them informed.

Consider personalised engagement and some communication with the key decision maker, or hiring manager, for those candidates you have identified as hot prospects. This simple addition is extremely valuable in securing candidate engagement.

It’s a simple approach but is often overlooked, so make it part of your hiring strategy from now on to start securing top talent.

Michelle Ansell is Managing Partner at Douglas Jackson, established in 2007 Douglas Jackson is a high-end retained executive search firm exclusively focused on consumer centric business, delivering high performance, diverse, impactful leadership for transformational, high-growth and digitally native business across Operations, Customer, Revenue, Product, Planning, Strategy, Digital and Data.  For when exceptional leadership matters.

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