With just one week to go until the opening of the 2019 Future of Contact Centre conference, we sit with speakers to hear an insight into their industry and what you can expect to learn from their case studies. Today, we are joined by Zane Rudovska, Group Head of Customer Care and Sales at Sun Finance Group…

Can you provide us with an insight into a ‘day in the life’ of your role?

There are no two similar days in my current position and field. On one hand, it is Customer Care & Operations, which is always related with some unexpected things, challenges, situations where management needs to come back with prompt answers to solve customers’ issues. On other hand – it is FinTech area with a lot of aggressive market players, which is always connected with novelties, innovations and being able to act faster that the competitors.

However, in general I am overseeing our Group markets and their operations on daily basis, checking their main KPIs, creating short-term and long-term action plans for improvements in Customer Experience and Sales. In real life it consists of two aspects which are blended together – as a Group member, I am planning strategic projects, but, if some of our markets struggle, “hands-on” approach is needed. I am helping them with practical things as well – like creating agent bonus systems, planning shifts, coming up with call script & procedure examples. So, practice goes hand in hand with theory and strategy, which does not allow to relax too much. And this is what I love about my role!

What do you think is the biggest factor affecting contact centre performance at the moment?

The biggest game-changer is the team and having the right people on board – its’ passion, willingness to achieve targets, correct mindset and being responsible for their actions. Starting from front-line, including all the rest of team members who help and oversee their work (like Quality Specialists, Team Leads etc.). Of course, it is hard work for the management to shape up employees’ skills, but attitude is the key.

 What do you think the future looks like for the contact centre?

It should consist of two parts:

  • Maximally upgraded and easy customer journey, focus on Customer experience improvement through various options (simple process flows, self-service where possible, collecting the feedbacks and building journeys based on real thoughts not just assumptions);
  • Even though it is announced that chatbots and automatization will overtake real humans, I could still argue with that. For sure, there should be less and less interactions with agents, but the way how it can be solved is the process improvement rather cutting the call centres. And the call centre agents should put extra emphasis to each client, cause nowadays clients expect and demand much more than 10 years ago!

 We’re very excited about your case study! Could you provide a sneak preview into how you’ve found the balance between automation and human effort?

Actually, I cannot tell that I have found it 😊 We are still working on it and it is never-ending process. For sure there is still lot to do in this area, but I would be happy to share some of our findings with the audience and hope that some tips will be useful in their roles!

In short it is about quite common problem now – everybody is keen into automation which promises to save money. My case study is about not following the crowd which promotes self-service in full mode. Each company has different needs and business models, so the correct strategy should be adapted carefully.

In SunFinance we have managed to optimize wherever we could (and we still are working on that), but we will never let our Call centre agents go! No robots can replace the feedback which they have given to us. To emphasize the need of CC, we have established additional routines which clearly shows that CC can be as money generator instead of cost channel.

 What are you most looking forward to about the event?

Some fresh ideas and practices of “contact centre future”, as well as some extra motivation from the speakers. Sometimes it is needed to step out from current businesses, open eyes wider and bring some new vibes in your company!

I wish to all the attendants to use this amazing opportunity for 100%, meet new people and use the day for your & your companies benefit!

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