Households across the country are set to see their energy bills slashed with today’s launch of Myia, the UK’s first intelligent energy switching service that automatically switches users to the cheapest available tariff, while constantly checking that they are on the best deal.

Myia is a free Intelligent Assistant, which disrupts old world price comparison sites – saving consumers time, effort and money.  Myia handles every stage of switching tariffs, asking for information just once and then scouring the market to ensure the best energy plan and price.

The Intelligent Assistant compares households’ usage patterns with both established and new energy retailers, before automatically switching the consumer to the cheapest or preferred available tariff.  This is a continual process, with Myia constantly seeking a better deal and ensuring that its user is on the best tariff relative to time or usage.

Already launched in New Zealand with Saveawatt, it is saving consumers an average of 10-15% on their energy bills and MyWave, the company behind Myia, expect this figure to be higher for UK consumers.

Consumers can begin switching today by signing up at and entering a few simple details.

Geraldine McBride, founder and CEO of MyWave said: “There are 27 million households in the UK, yet only a fraction of these are switching their energy bills to get the best deal. This is the result of unnecessary friction and causes significant waste in the UK energy market.

“Myia revolutionises the way household energy is bought and sold by bringing about a more efficient market place which better serves customers.  As a consumer, you are now able to save hundreds of pounds per year on bills and get time back in your life to enjoy the things you love.

“Energy retailers will also benefit as they can better understand their price points, bring in useful related services that add value to their offering and ultimately better serve their customers.”

Developed by New Zealand Company MyWave, Myia is a powerful Intelligent Assistant platform that combines personal data with machine learning and conversational commerce. Users own and control their personal data, which is kept secure in MyWave’s personal cloud.

Myia also plans to enter new markets in the UK, including shopping, banking, travel and insurance.

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