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How to communicate with the modern employee

10th September at 12PM BST Our expectations for communications have increased drastically in the last decade with the proliferation of technologies that deliver valuable


What makes a great leader?

25th July, 12pm Leadership development is a £300 Billion/ 334 Billion Euro/ $375 Billion industry. How will leadership need to evolve in the next five years in response to


How To Boost Your Customer Communication With WhatsApp: Use Cases From BMW, Pandora, Bloomberg, Quint and more

18th June, 12pm WhatsApp is used by over 1.5 billion people worldwide and messaging has become the number one communication channel today. Today’s customers don’t want


Understanding and Applying Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

4th June, 12pm Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been hyped in the industry press in recent years as the primary disrupter of customer service delivery and enabler of CX


Culture: Measuring the ‘Unmeasurable’

28th May, 12pm In this webinar Andrew will explore why many organisations have difficulty coming to grips with their organisational culture. He will seek to explode many of


Engaging The Enterprise With ‘Unified Visual Communications’

29th May, 2pm Effective and engaging communication is more than ever at the centre of today's enterprise. To unlock maximum results, existing communication strategies and


How Channel 4’s Insight Programme Secure Revenue

21st May, 12pm The media landscape is constantly changing and evolving. Viewers are spoiled with choice, and advertisers have higher expectations for proof of media


Not Reaching All Your employees? Mobile’s The Solution – Here’s How To Drive Adoption

15th May, 4pm Thoughtful planning, prep, and promotion are the name of the game when it comes to introducing and integrating an employee mobile app within your organization.



11th June, 12pm Everybody is talking about Customer Experience, but there are limited signs across the industry that sustained progress is being made. More than strong words


Seasalt Cornwall Case Study: Why Leaders Really Are The Key To Employee Engagement Success

20th June, 12pm Leadership is regularly highlighted as a primary factor in employee engagement, but are we really getting this part of the jigsaw right? Seasalt Cornwall


How to Calculate the True Financial Cost of Downtime in your Contact Centre

7th May, 12pm Whether it’s employee morale, customer service or lost productivity, unexpected downtime can be potentially catastrophic for any contact centre, whether the


A Blueprint for CRM Success

28th February 12pm In this webinar CRM Analyst Martin Schneider will outline some of the key elements of planning and rolling out an effective CRM strategy. He will cover the

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