Different global brands are utilising video content to communicate their value proposition and engage their audience base. With the emergence of social media platforms like YouTube, many brands are even coming up with video strategy to reach more people.

Data gathered by Buy Shares shows that as of June 2020, LEGO had amassed 10.4 billion views on YouTube making it the most popular brand channel. Notably, LEGO views are 0.27 billion more than the two closest brands on YouTube combined.

Vat19 is second with 5.84 views followed by IDJVideos.TV at 4.49 billion. Casual puzzle video game Angry Birds channel had the fourth-highest total views at 4.46 billion while Kids TV HD EggVideos channel closes the top five categories with 4.25 billion views during the period under review.

Đông Tây Promotion Official channel lies in the sixth spot with 3.38 billion views which is slightly higher than soft drinks giant Coca Cola at 3.28 billion. Elsewhere, Oddbods official channel has its cumulative views at 3.13 billion. In the ninth slot, there is My Little Pony Official with 2.85 billion views while MundoBitaVEVO wraps up the top ten categories at 2.52 billion views.

Our data also overviewed the LEGO Group’s operating profit globally between 2009 and 2019. Between the period, the profit has grown by 272.42%. In 2009, the profit stood at €389.5 million while last year it was €45 billion. Over the ten years, the highest profit was recorded in 2016 at €1.67 billion before dropping by 16.9% the following year to €1.39 billion. From 2016, the profit has grown by 4.26% to the latest figure. From the data, the profit first surpassed the one billion mark in 2012 at €1.02 billion, a growth of 33.76% from 2011’s figure of €762.19 million.

An overview of the LEGO Group employees over the period shows the number has more than doubled between 2009 and 2019. Between the period, employees have grown by 121.14 % after standing at 7,286 in 2009 and 16,112 last year. The highest number of employees was in 2016 at 16,836 before dropping by 2.11% to 16,280. Notably, the drop in employees corresponds with a period when the company recorded a plunge in operating profits. From 2009, the group has been increasing its employee base steadily before a notable drop of 8.68% in 2018.

LEGO Group is a Danish toy manufacturing group that has gained popularity for its Lego -brand toys, made up of interlocking plastic bricks. The group has also built several amusement parks around the world, each known as Legoland, and operates numerous retail stores globally.

LEGO’s profit outlook for the future

With over nine million subscribers, the LEGO YouTube channel has popular posts on the latest LEGO movies, animations, and series from different LEGO themes. LEGO’s high YouTube views are due to several campaigns aimed at calling on followers to share their content. In this case, the channel features most captivating videos from fans. Unlike most brands, LEGO does not try to control the video content. The platform calls on fans to create channels of their own. In this case, LEGO leverages on fans’ existing engagement levels

Despite recording impressive returns, LEGO’s profitability might be impacted this year due to the coronavirus pandemic that led to closure of some retail stores and amusement parks in Europe and North America. Despite the economic impact of the health crisis, LEGO has continued to show faith in some markets by investing more funds like in China.

In 2017, the group had to dismiss some workers following the drop in revenues. The revenue losses are due to increased competition from emerging markets. Currently, the company is not only facing a challenge from its traditional competitors like Mattel but also against technology companies like Sony. Currently, more children are ditching physical toys while turning to mobile devices for entertainment and fun.

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