Customer Behaviour

77 per cent of consumers say they find it easy to interact with brands digitally, a survey has found. Four out of five consumers use social media, email or chat options to communicate with brands, a survey by StarTek has found.

30 per cent will use a laptop, desktop or tablet to contact a company, while only one per cent use a wearable device. Millennials are 137 per cent more likely to use a mobile phone to contact a company, while baby boomers are more likely to use a landline.

More than a third of baby boomers will use social media to make a purchase, however. The majority of customers who use social media to communicate with a brand have positive experiences.

80 per cent of the 1,000 respondents who use social media to contact a company have had a positive customer experience.

Within the 80 per cent, 38 per cent said their best interactions with brands were through Facebook, and 32 per cent named Google+.

The industry that consumers have the best interactions over social media with is the retail industry, according to 52 per cent of respondents.

13 per cent named mobile phone providers and 13 per cent named cable, phone and internet companies as good industries to have communications via social media with.

The majority – 53 per cent – said they would contact a company via social media primarily to get promotions and deals.

Women are 23 per cent more likely to use social media to get deals and promotions. When using social media to interact with companies, the majority – 51 per cent – generally use it to ask questions about products and companies.

30 per cent will ask for help and 23 per cent complain.

One in three customers will take to social media to praise or recommend a product or service. 59 per cent say they find it helpful when posting a question on company’s social media page to get responses from other customers.

68 per cent of millennials said they find this helpful, but more than half of baby boomers do not.

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