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Terminal illness and cancer charity Marie Curie has researched how tailoring its donation service to customers via mobile has increased overall donations. Marie Curie has been experimenting with situational data, rather than customer-shared personal data to improve its donation regularity.

Open-source, situational data can vary from location, device type or weather. Companies can utilise this information to tailor customer experiences whilst avoiding the privacy concerns surrounding personal data.

Writing on a blog about the project, Marie Curie’s senior eCRM manager Chris Pooks said: “Situational data offers a very modal view of the customer.

“It is much more aligned to improving the more functional aspect of the interaction (how to perform the action), rather than enhancing the persuasiveness of the message (why should I do the action).”

The research found that while donations made on desktops or tablets fared well at over 85 per cent, donations made via mobile were poor.

Mobile devices used to browse through Marie Curie donation pages stood at 40 per cent, far outweighing the actual donations made at under 10 per cent.

The research concluded this was due to mobile-users not wanting to donate at the time, or people wanted to donate but situational circumstances such as having no WiFi or signal prevented them from doing so.

“In order to truly personalise the situation, we knew we had to go beyond just form (we already optimise design for mobile) and consider the interaction in context,” said Pooks.

“If interacting on mobile was adding too much friction to the journey, we needed to find a way to reduce this without disturbing the experience on other devices.”

Marie Curie experimented with situational data to make mobile donations easier. The charity launched a ‘text-to-donate’ service where users receive a text from their SMS messaging service and press send to complete the transaction.

When tested, Marie Curie research found the SMS service outperformed online donations for cumulative donations.

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