Nine in ten organisations need to adapt their service models to keep up with customer needs

Technology has changed the way that field service professionals work, with new solutions ranging from rugged devices that can handle difficult working environments to leveraging big data to make their jobs more efficient. Even with all of those improvements, there are still many issues that stifle productivity from mobile workers in the field.

With numerous concerns in field service, Enterprise Mobility Exchange in partnership with SalesForce, surveyed an audience of enterprise business executives, IT executives, and field service enterprise leaders across numerous industries in Asia Pacific.

The survey was conducted through September and October 2018. Although many organisations value customer service, there are widespread challenges and new opportunities with field service for mobile workers. Here are some of the findings of that survey.

The survey also asked respondents about which technology solutions are valued the most. This question provides great insight about how executives in these organisations view technology initiatives as a way to improve the field service experience.