LV= Empowering Brokers Through Intelligent Virtual Assistant, to Answer Complex Questions, Access Documentation, and Receive the Right Information Quickly and Easily

LV=’s Broker division is using Nuance’s Nina to deliver a more personalized and effortless customer experience. Through a text-based conversational engagement that leverages natural language understanding (NLU) and cognitive capabilities, the new virtual assistant, aLVin, can understand intent by engaging with brokers to quickly get them to the information that they need. aLVin was built with extensive knowledge of LV=Broker’s products, allowing brokers to self-serve to receive assistance on a wide range of tasks like asking questions and uploading or downloading information easily.

This new virtual assistant from LV= is also fully integrated with the company’s live chat service, delivering a seamless handover to human support when and if required. Looking ahead, the service could expand to include more collaborative artificial intelligence cooperation between the virtual assistant and the human support agents. This will increase the number of transactional tasks that aLVin can assist with, meaning consultants can concentrate on more complex queries more readily.

Nuance has also developed similar intelligent virtual assistants for other companies including ING Bank’s ‘Inge’, Dominos Pizza’s ‘Dom’ and Jetstar Airline’s ‘Jess.’  Nuance can talk about the sophisticated artificial intelligence, linguistic and semantic technology behind these services.

“We understood that brokers were interested in receiving information quickly and easily at all times of the day, but the amount of information that they needed to sift through was far too daunting,” said Kevin Gill, Operations Director at LV= Broker. “By adding a layer of intelligence with aLVin, we can automate and expedite the experience for our brokers, allowing them to self-serve through the digital channel, 24 hour a day, seven days a week, to complete tasks easily and efficiently.”

“LV= Broker’s adoption of Nina sets them apart as a clear innovator in the market,” said Robert Weideman, executive vice president and general manager, Enterprise Division, Nuance. “With Nina’s intelligence, natural language and conversational capabilities within aLVin, it’s easier for the brokers to find information and resolve questions. It also offers a more compelling, conversational and human-like experience.”


Nina leverages Nuance’s unparalleled technology leadership and expertise in voice, natural language understanding, conversational dialogue and advanced resolution techniques, to deliver a compelling, multi-channel, automated customer service experience for the consumer and the enterprise. Nina is available now directly from Nuance in 43 spoken and 13 text languages. For more information about Nina, and to see Nina in action, go here.

The virtual assistant technology at LV= Broker is currently being piloted with plans to roll out to other products and a wider range of broker partners over the rest of the year.

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