A fifth of travellers become victims of cyber crime while they are travelling abroad, according to a report. Research by Kaspersky Lab found that 18 per cent of those visiting other countries have found themselves on the wrong end of cyber attacks.

Six per cent of those surveyed said they were hit while banking online and nine per cent said the attacks occurred while they were doing online shopping.

However, only 11 per cent of travellers said device infection was a top-three worry when abroad, and only 20 per cent were concerned about online fraud.

But users are exhibiting risky behaviour when abroad, with 82 per cent connecting to public WiFi anywhere, 61 per cent doing their online banking and 55 per cent shopping online.42 per cent said they shop online with their credit cards as much as – or more than – they do at home, potentially putting their details at risk.

Only 34 per cent of users apply a secure connection when connecting to public WiFi and 18 per cent said they do nothing at all to stay protected.

“In today’s connected world, we are able to travel easily, for work or pleasure, and stay connected whilst we do,” said Elena Kharchenko, head of consumer product management at Kaspersky Lab. “This ability brings with it amazing and exciting opportunities, but also exposes us to dangers if we are not careful.

“It’s all too easy to connect via potentially insecure WiFi abroad then continue our normal habits of banking and shopping online, without stopping to think about the consequences of what we are doing. As we approach the summer holiday season, we urge travelers to be more cyber savvy, think twice about their online activities abroad and put measures in place to protect their money from harm.”

Meanwhile, 45 per cent of travellers were worried about losing money, and credit card compromise was a top-three threat for 35 per cent. 22 per cent said they had actually lost money, while eight per cent have had a card compromised while they were abroad.

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