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Consumer purchase of 3D printers is starting to pick up pace. It’s estimated that around 100,000 will be sold to non-business users in the next year.  Partworks publisher Eaglemoss will add a futher 10,000 completed 3D printers to this figure via its new 3D Printer partwork which, over 90 weeks, allows early adopter consumers to learn about and build their own 3D printer.

Recognising a strong correlation between early technology adoption and use of social media, Eaglemoss has supported its 3D Printer partwork with a content rich Twitter page  Eaglemoss Tech provides customers with a contact point for customer service and technical support enquiries and is supported by outsourced contact centre provider, DBF.

“DBF has managed all of our customer service operations for more than 15 years now,” says Eaglemoss UK Marketing Manager, Tom Edmondson.  “In recent years they’ve worked with us to introduce social media as a customer service channel.  We believe that, while some customers will always pick up the phone, social media is the service channel of the future.”

In addition to Eaglemoss Tech, DBF handles around 15 Facebook sites that support a wide range of Eaglemoss partworks.  “We’re increasing our use of social media for three reasons,” says Tom. “To make it easy for customers to contact us on the channels they prefer, to add value to our partwork offers by giving consumers valuable content between issues, and to increase cross fertilisation across our partworks.”

“Having supported us via Facebook for some time DBF responded well to add Twitter as a second social media customer service channel,” says Tom.  “They work hard to keep first contact resolution rates high, have successfully adjusted to the tone of voice required and provided best practice responses for this new channel.”

DBF operates a blended agent team that responds to all Eaglemoss customer enquiries via phone, email and social.  “We’re seeing the number of service enquiries on social media grow, while email and phone calls remain stable,” says DBF’s Client Services Director, Dan West.

In addition to multi-channel customer service and technical support, DBF provides a comprehensive subscription sales and fulfilment operation for Eaglemoss.  Over the past 10 years DBF has supported revenue generation of around £150 million for Eaglemoss.

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