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Yet another smart Sinclair innovation

Sinclair Voicenet, the UK’s longest established specialist provider of multimedia interaction recording, quality management, interaction analytics and workforce management solutions, has launched SmartVoice ViewPoint, a new customer feedback solution.  It allows organisations to capture the voice of customers immediately after contacts and gain a real-world understanding of their experiences to identify key ways to improve […]

Horse meat scandal – how cloud can help

The horse meat scandal continues to hit the headlines, highlighting once again the urgent need for businesses to react quickly to circumstances that otherwise might rapidly escalate out of control. In such situations speed of response is key.  Businesses need to avoid keeping worried consumers waiting to get their questions answered. In such cases, companies […]

Engaging through social media – be careful out there

Brands need to tread carefully when talking to customers through social media, with the latest research showing that most consumers are outwardly hostile to the idea of commercial messaging on the social networking sites they use, but their actual behaviour demonstrating that they are actually willing to engage with brands on these websites, according to […]

Customer Engagement in the Retail Sector Forum, 20th March 2013

The retail sector is in a state of flux. While the squeeze on consumer spending is having a largely detrimental impact on the High Street, online retail sales are continuing to enjoy strong growth. And while a number of well known retail brands have disappeared over the past couple of years, others are not only […]