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One in four calls to tax man unanswered

The National Audit Office found that one in four calls to the Revenue – 20 million calls, many of which were made on premium lines – were not picked up by a call centre operator last year.  Those who did get through had to wait an average of four minutes to speak to an operator […]

Lack of leadership hurts employee engagement

Participants at the recent Grass Roots Employee Engagement Forum confirmed for the third year in a row that a lack of engaging leadership and management is the number one barrier to facilitating environments where employee engagement can flourish. “Lack of trust driven by inconsistent practices of leadership, people being not being able to make sense of […]

New guide to B2B customer engagement

Written for B2B executive concerned about customer retention and customer loyalty, a new book encapsulates more than 20 years of experience in capturing and analyzing customer feedback to guide organizations in serving and retaining customers. Titled  ‘Measuring Up! A guide to Success with Customer Feedback’this is the second book in the Dunvegan B2B Insights series, […]

Webinar: Social Media – ground-breaking UK research, 26th March, 12:00GMT

Date: Tuesday 26th March 2013 Time: 12 noon – 12:45 GMT Presenters: Steve Hurst, Editorial Director, Customer Engagement Network Roland Van Breukelen, Solutions Adviser, SAP Cloud EMEA REGISTER for the Social Media Webinar or the on demand playback The rise of social media engagement has been instrumental in changing the whole face of customer relationships. Today’s […]