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Three quarters of consumers are not open to receiving personalised offers based on their previous purchases, a report has found.

Only 25 per cent felt receiving tailored promotions would be a positive marketing strategy, according to a survey of 2,647 UK adults by Amaze One.

Within age ranges this varied significantly, however. 57 per cent of millennials – 18 to 34 year-olds – were happy to receive personalised materials.

But only five per cent of over 35 year-olds said they would be open to receiving these promotions.

Three quarters of those who disliked personalised offers also disliked familiarity and personalisation in the way a company interacted with them, including addressing them by their first name in emails and letters.

The majority of those that liked personalised offers said the use of their first name when being addressed in emails a positive touch.

Concerns were raised by consumers regarding the use of their personal data.

A quarter said they did not know how their personal information was being used.72 per cent said they felt uncomfortable or concerned about the way their data was being collected and used by brands.69 per cent also said they felt no control over the way companies used personal details after they had acquired them. 46per cent of consumers said they would be happy to offer their personal data to companies if they were also easily able to delete it or remove it from the companies’ records.

38 per cent said they would be more open to giving away details if companies were transparent about what they were going to do with information collected.

30 per cent were motivated to give out information in exchange for rewards, and 12 per cent in return for an enhanced service.

The survey found that consumers were suspicious of the motives of companies collecting their data, doubting its necessity as part of their interaction with a given brand.

58 per cent disagreed with the statement “sharing personal data is a necessary part of the modern economy”.

86 per cent said they were concerned with brands selling their information to other sources and 80 per cent said they disliked the idea of companies using their personal data collectively with information they had obtained from other sources.

55 per cent felt brand contact was too regular, and 33 per cent felt this was sometimes an issue.

Amaze One’s data strategy director Paul Kennedy said: “There is a fine balance between digital creepiness and a great personalised experience. Now that the data and technology is mature and available to deliver and measure this, marketers need to concentrate on fine tuning that balance to exploit that untapped potential.”

Janet Snedden, Amaze One’s deputy managing director, added: “In today’s age of the connected customer, a strong blend of rigour and magic is required from brands and marketers to manage communications effectively.

“We need to earn the trust of our customers by making each and every interaction count. Intelligent data should drive personalised, insightful communications that add value and enhance the customer experience.

“To get this right we must better understand the tone of voice tailored to the individual.”

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