Apple customers are being targeted by scammers with fake emails claiming to be from the tech giant, according to security experts.

Researcher Bryan Campbell tweeted that he had received a phishing email from “Apple Service” titled “Dear Apple Customer” asking him to reconfirm his details because “a virus has been detected in our iTunes database”.

“A virus in my iTunes. Well damn,” he posted to the social network. There are warning signs in the scam: the nonsense premise, grammatical and spelling mistakes in the email, the unfamiliar domain in the link and the outdated adverts on the fake Apple website could all tip users off that there is something amiss.

According to security expert Graham Cluley, writing for ESET’s blog, the links in the email take users to a fake Apple login page and then an “update billing” page, both of which collect personal information on behalf of the scammers behind the scheme.

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