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British customer service calls leave shoppers regularly irritated 93 per cent of the time, a survey has found.

80 per cent also said they were angered by poor customer service, and 11 per cent said it happened to them frequently, a report from estate agent Yopa revealed.

A quarter of the 2,000 people surveyed said they felt customer service was poor or terrible. Only two per cent described it as outstanding.

56 per cent said they felt pushy sales tactics were the most obnoxious and annoying part of dealing with customer service staff.

Many customers feel particularly alienated when dealing with call centres in foreign countries, with the majority saying they wanted the personnel they were dealing with to speak good English.

50 per cent of customer service calls with overseas call centres end in disaster.

More than half of those surveyed said the worst form of customer service to deal with was telecoms companies, as they were often incapable of providing the right help.

Poor customer experience can often lead to consumers deciding to stop using a company. Six in ten of those surveyed said they have moved, or would consider moving, to a new brand after an unimpressive experience with their current one.

One in three of those surveyed said they would not alert a company if there was a problem that needed fixing, and would instead try to fix it themselves.

A quarter said they would not contact a company at all if they had a problem but felt it wouldn’t be fixed.

One in ten people surveyed said they had been left in tears by a telephone call with customer services.

50 per cent said they had been so frustrated by an employee’s attitude or response to their call that they had hung up mid-conversation.

Those surveyed identified politeness and being treated like human as things they felt made a good customer experience.

Daniel Attia from Yopa said: “Customer service is something most of us have to deal with on a daily basis, so it’s worrying to see that so many people have had a bad experience.

“It’s clear from these findings that there is a distinct lack of communication between services and consumers.

“It’s bewildering to me that in an age where the internet and technology is breaking down barriers, so many customers are being fobbed off by call centres and automated telephone lines.

“The poor-performing industries identified in this study are ripe for disruption. The customer should be at the heart of the sales process, empowered by technology. All most people want from a customer service department is a prompt and stress-free solution, no hidden fees and politeness – which shouldn’t be too much to ask.”

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