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By Kenny Bain, CEO of Rant & Rave

When I interviewed for the CEO role at Rant & Rave, the culture stood out as being what separated this company from its competitors – customer success isn’t just our objective, it is our obsession. For Rant and Rave, culture is as important as attitude and experience, and the entire team truly believe in what we’re doing.  They are committed, passionate and every single person is empowered – they are trusted to do the best they can for Rant & Rave. I’m thrilled to be a ‘Raver’ now too.

Our technology platform encompasses customer and employee engagement which we believe are intricately linked – we capture feedback in real-time, at the frontline, where employees and customers connect.   That is where the magic happens and where customers become a Raver or defector. Great customer service starts with great employees; they need to be engaged and feel empowered.

With the proliferation of communication channels, customers now have more power and information than ever before, and they expect instant service gratification. This has led to a widening expectation gap with today’s business world – 61% of customers churned in 2016, according to a recent survey. More significantly, 81% of those defectors said they could have been saved had the company acted.

Our customers rely on us to capture more insight, from more of their customers, than anyone else. We help them to prove they’re listening by taking action – rescuing Ranters, rewarding Ravers and closing the loop with everyone, at scale.

Orbit Group is a great example of this – using Rant & Rave, Orbit achieved a 28% response rate, reduced the number of advisors on improvement plans by 70%, and recorded a 20% saving on its feedback budget.

The feedback we generate is high quality and immediately actionable – you need to find out how your employees and customers are feeling in the moment so that you can provide a solution in real-time. We average two insights per verbatim comment for our customers which provides a view on how the brand made its customers feel. It is our strong belief that emotions drive the hearts, minds and wallets of all customers and that the traditional method of capturing customer feedback via a survey does not work. They are designed for the company, not the customer, and are rarely completed within actionable timescales.

Our approach underpinned our recent event, Putting the Soul back into CX, which took place at the end of April. The theme was all about giving power to the people – something that is core to Rant & Rave and our customers.

We showcased our customer experience sentiment scoring, which rates different aspects of the customer experience on a scale of 1-5. The most ‘raved’ about category is people, followed by place, process and product.  Our technology enables users to drill down and then score people on their behaviour, and then the nature of that behaviour i.e. helpful, knowledgeable, professional etc. Similarly, companies can drill down on detractors or ‘Ranters’ to identify key issues in the customer experience process, such as time and delivery.

We get excited about customer feedback, especially around the power of the people and we want our clients and their customers to be excited too. Furthermore, the feedback around people enables our customers to adopt Gamification as a method of engaging frontline teams. If they’re engaged, they’ll give customers a much better experience.

Always striving to be our own best example of customer and employee engagement, we use our own technology to set up listening posts for our team and customers.  We listen to what they’re telling us so that we can act on it and close the loop through “you said, we did” feedback sessions.

Growth is key to any business but with a software-based company, it’s vital. Technology changes rapidly, so we are investing significantly in our software to enable us to delve deeper into the data we accrue. This provides our customers with improved insights, upon which they can act, and make the necessary business process improvements.

What makes Rant & Rave unique is not simply that what we offer our customers is innovative, effective and proven, but that we have a team of Ravers that won’t stop until their customer has everything they need. In the spirit of practising what we preach, we don’t stop at a sale or implementation, we are always available to help our clients gain and utilise everything they can from their data.  We’re proud to be seen as a disruptor in this market and offering something different and pioneering.

Everyone at Rant & Rave feels as I do; that we are lucky to be working at a company with such a positive ethos. The culture is second to none and that’s what ensures we do a great job. My role as CEO means that it’s my responsibility to keep this going and I look forward to progressing the Raveolution.

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