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Contact centres are the front line of customer service departments. Keeping customers happy and dealing with many calls on a daily basis isn’t easy.

The biggest problems most contact centres face are recognised by both customers and contact centre managers. Some of these include budget, IT issues, poor software, broken processes, lack of time, staff, technology, and the list can go on.

But what if we tell you that there are quick and easy fixes for all of these challenges? Two words: proactive communications.

VoiceSage is a global mobile messaging provider that improves contact centre efficiency and overall operations with proactive communication solutions.

Common challenges in contact centres

Challenge #1: Scaling-up

The volume and complexity of inbound interactions can create a lot of problems in contact centres. Depending on the seasonal business, responses to marketing campaigns, product or service complaints and external factor such as coronavirus pandemic, the call volume demands can increase rapidly.


With a cloud communication platform, companies can respond quickly to high inbound calls by allowing agents to work remotely. Being able to scale up and operate smoothly in a time of crisis or high demand is key to a successful contact centre.

Challenges #2: Low customer satisfaction

According to SQM, a U.S. customer survey research, 20 to 30 percent of a call centre’s call volumes are call-backs from previous, unresolved issues.

Long wait times, slow response times, not offering “speak to an agent” option, making customers repeat their issues to multiple agents are just a few examples that contribute to a low customer satisfaction.


Have an organized queuing system to manage slow response rates. If you offer more than one channel to deal with customer inquiries and support, identify the slowest channel and direct people away from it or assign more agents to it.

Automate conversations to solve customers’ problems faster. VoiceSage’s SMS Chat is a powerful way to automate customer text communications. Eliminate the need for expensive agent interaction, reduce contact costs and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Also, think about using call-back techniques, depending on the complexity of inquiries and the busiest time of day.

Challenge #3: Managing inbound and outbound demands

68% of consumers say it increases their perception of a brand when companies send them proactive customer service notifications.

Instead of your customer reaching you, think of a way to automate outbound calls for different scenarios. With Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM), you can schedule outbound calls for balance inquiries, booking and scheduling appointments, order deliveries, payments, and more.


VoiceSage offers automated reminder calls that aim to reduce high inbound call volumes.  Your agents will focus on high priority calls and deliver essential information to your customers instantly and automatically.

Give customers the option to self-serve. There are a wide variety of channels that can be automated to collect payments, schedule deliveries and appointments, confirm appointments, pay bills, and customer feedback via surveys. VoiceSage helps contact centres have a single view of all their communication channels, so it is simpler to interact, assign agents, or switch between channels.

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Challenge #4: Connecting with customers on the channels of their choice

In 2020 especially, customers have demanded support from every channel including phone, chat, email, social, and text. A cloud communication software will easily handle all channels and deliver proactive communications with your customers.


VoiceSage developed proactive communications across multiple channels and networks, and they all work in your favour. Invest in one platform and have your agents switch between channels to deliver the fastest support. Their platform offers communication services on:

Challenge #5: Poorly trained agents

68% of customers believe the key to good customer service is as simple as talking to a polite support agent. In this sense, your contact centre agents are one of your most crucial brand representatives.

Lack of empathy, respect towards the customers’ needs and request are factors that will damage your company’s reputation and image. It’s never been easier to switch to competition if you feel like your needs aren’t met by a brand.


Train your agent to deliver top-class customer service. Showing empathy and respect for customers is the number one rule in customer service teams. Hire people who are naturally empathetic and want to solve customer problems.


In conclusion, challenges in contact centres can be avoided by choosing the right provider. VoiceSage’s experience in the industry shows how we efficiently decreased high low-value calls, while increasing engagement rates by up to 56%.

Discover how you can improve your overall customer contact and operations by booking a free, no obligation demo today.

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