In the era of conversational messaging, delivering the customer service experiences and automated customer journeys that win customers and keep them coming back will happen over digital and mobile messaging channels.

Businesses need to be able to serve customers and resolve inquiries on today’s most popular messaging apps and the next generation of native mobile messaging channels. But which channels should you prioritise in an increasingly complex messaging ecosystem to enable agent chat and deliver automated customer service experiences?

Find out in IMImobile’s latest eGuide, which gives insight into the conversational messaging channels and technologies helping to differentiate customer service in 2018.

Key insights include:

  • Why the ability to engage and provide ‘app-like’ interactions over messaging channels is one of the most powerful customer service and CX differentiators
  • A breakdown of the key messaging channels and technologies that are available to brands and marketers for delivering conversational interactions
  • Strategies on how to solve the challenge of managing an increasingly complex customer communications ecosystem.

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