The Top 10 Chatbots For Enterprise Customer Service

This report ranks Nuance Nina #1 for chatbots/virtual assistants, beating 27 other solution providers. The report examined enterprise-grade parameters including omnichannel capabilities, AI automation, biometrics security, integration of self- and assisted-service, etc.; and spoke to users about aspects such as customer satisfaction, return on investment, ease of integration and enterprise-class/PCI security.

Among the key findings of the Forrester report:

  • Nuance leads the pack with robust natural language understanding and multichannel capabilities. With a focus on both customer acquisition and customer retention, Nuance offers a stout product vision and differentiated enterprise-grade security, including biometrics.
  • Nuance makes an excellent match for companies requiring enterprise-grade solutions. Nuance allows companies to deploy multimodal chatbots across web, mobile and voice channels, and seamlessly connect those self-service tools to assisted service.
  • Nuance has very happy customers that were thrilled to drive both demonstrable customer satisfaction improvements and cost savings in under six months.


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