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Keith Schorah, founder and CEO of customer intelligence platform Maru/Syngro, reveals the secret to lasting customer engagement. A large part of acquiring engaged customers comes from engaged, motivated and focused employees – look after the people who look after your customers.

Here are some strategies to reward your superhero employees that possess the power to be truly customer-centric:

  1. Reward those named in customer surveys. In several organisations already, when an employee is named they receive a gift or reward. For example, Circles, a provider of virtual concierge services, gives agents the ability to accumulate points based on customer satisfaction surveys and redeem them for prizes, including additional time off.
  2. Recognise people behind the scenes.Since 1992, every Valentine’s Day Southwest Airlines has awarded a Hero of the Heart as a tribute to a behind the scenes star workgroup that does not have direct customer contact. This strategy really helps to boost staff morale and is a great opportunity to show appreciation for an individual.
  3. Provide perks that improve the employee experience.Many companies understand the employee experience is just as important as the customers. This is now being incorporated into many customer experience strategies.Just as customers have larger contexts in which they use your products and services, employees have larger contexts in which they work for you. Help them navigate those larger contexts and you have employees who can focus more on your customers.
  4. Compensate and promote based on customer-centric metrics. Tying variable compensation and promotions to customer metrics is a powerful incentive for companies that have established an understanding of how to impact those metrics.
  5. Promotion tied to customer experience performance.At Enterprise Rent-A-Car, no one can further their career in corporate management who has not first started on the frontline, as well as sustaining above-average Enterprise Service Quality index scores over time. The account managers also have customer satisfaction objectives, and cannot become eligible for job promotions until having achieved high satisfaction scores from their clients.
  6. Bonuses to customer metrics.Create customer experience objectives for everyone in your company; from senior managers to frontline employees. Reward these employees when they meet their objective, for example when they achieve a particular customer satisfaction score.

Your employees are your frontline and interact with your customers every day. Make sure they are part of your Customer Experience strategy and receive the recognition they deserve.

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